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Fake Gabby Petito IG Linked To Brian Laundrie Posts Dark & Cryptic Photo

Trisha Faulkner

The fake Gabby Petito Instagram account that has been linked to Brian Laundrie was active yesterday. The account posted and then deleted a dark and cryptic photo. At first glance, the account appeared to have been abandoned as it stopped gaining followers once it hit 15,000. But, that changed when it posted on its Instagram Stories yesterday.

Like it did with the bizarre tent snapshot, this Instagram Stories photo was only up for a few hours before being removed. This Instagram Stories update, however, featured a rather dark and cryptic photo. Was the account trying to send some sort of message to someone?

Fake Gabby Petito Instagram has been linked to Brian Laundrie

Now, as we previously reported, the fake Gabby Petito Instagram has been linked to Brian Laundrie. More specifically, Internet sleuths dug up the fact that the account was connected to Brian Laundrie’s mother. Based on the phone number and email attached to the account, it is assumed that his mother actually created the account. The fact that the account only follows Brian AND it spent a significant amount of time defending him when Gabby was missing just supports this theory further.

Gabby Petito Instagram
Gabby Petito Instagram

Unfortunately, what we don’t know is who is behind the account right now. Who was continuing to approve follow requests? Who is posting and then deleting these Instagram Stories? Presently, it is safe to assume it is either Brian or his mother behind the screen. Brian Laundrie’s lawyer insists he did not take his phone with him when he disappeared. But, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have picked up a burner phone from somewhere.

The account posted a dark and cryptic photo

The fake Gabby Petito Instagram account linked to Brian Laundrie doesn’t appear to have gained too many followers since the last time we reported on it. But, it did post a photo on its Instagram Stories yesterday. As we mentioned earlier, the photo was only on his profile for a few hours before it was deleted. The photo, however, seemed to be sending a pretty eerie message.

The photo was actually a screenshot of a song. The song was called The Badger’s Wake by Matt Berry. In the screenshot, the song was paused at one minute and thirteen seconds. Now, here’s where things get a little bizarre. If you go to YouTube and search for The Badger’s Wake lyrics and scroll down a few videos. There is a video discussing the bizarre songs added to Gabby’s Spotify just days before she was murdered. Among the songs added to her playlist was The Badger’s Wake by Matt Berry.

The video explained The Badger’s Wake is about the corpse of an animal decomposing on the ground. Many internet sleuths speculate it was actually Brian Laundrie who added this song to her Spotify before he murdered her.

Was this dark and cryptic photo some sort of message for someone? Do you think it is creepy how the song is connected to Gabby’s Spotify? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Gabby Petito case.

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