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Brian Laundrie’s Spotify: Is Gabby Petito’s Fiancé Still Active Online?!

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Internet sleuths believe Brian Laundrie’s Spotify is a key piece of evidence in proving he’s still actively online. Turns out, many people on the internet have been stalking both his and Gabby Petito’s Spotify in an effort to do a little investigating on their own. In an alarming turn of events, internet sleuths discovered Brian Laundrie has been active on his Spotify while being on the run.

How did internet sleuths figure out Gabby Petito’s fiancé was active on Spotify? Keep reading, we’ve got all the details.

Brian Laundrie Instagram
Brian Laundrie Instagram

Mystery swirls as internet notices activity on Brian Laundrie’s Spotify

According to those following the Gabby Petito case on the internet, Brian created a playlist called “Selfconsumption” sometime after his fiancé went missing. More recently, the name of the playlist was changed to “Nomatic Statik.” Turns out, this is the name of the YouTube channel Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito created together to document their travels.

Brian Laundrie Spotfy

According to chatter on Twitter, Brian Laundrie’s Spotify has been active in the past 24 hours. Turns out, he went back into his account and deleted the names of his top two playlists on his account.

One internet sleuth noted a few hours ago: “As I type, someone is editing the Spotify playlists Brian and Gabby had on their profile (NomadicStatik) the titles were just edited and the photo of Gabby removed songs still there. Brian added songs as recently as Aug 31st. could mean he’s active on a phone/device.”

Several other similar tweets popped up on Twitter account indicating it was late last night when Brian was active on Spotify last.

Gabby Petito’s account has been reportedly active as well

Internet sleuths following Gabby Petito’s Spotify note the account has been active as recently as yesterday. Moreover, there are reports that songs have been added and changes have been made to her playlists roughly six days ago.

Given the fact that the internet believes Brian Laundrie may have faked her last few Instagram posts and texted people from her phone… It wouldn’t be a stretch for the internet to believe Brian Laundrie still has access to her accounts and continues to actively use them.

Some internet sleuths have also reported small changes on Gabby’s Facebook profile involving phone numbers.

Gabby Petito - Instagram
Gabby Petito – Instagram

Is Brian Laundrie active on Instagram as well?

As we previously reported, Brian Laundrie allegedly went live on Instagram recently. He also reportedly has been following and unfollowing people on Instagram. And, he’s allegedly been liking random posts on Facebook. His following across all social media platforms continues to grow. So, if he does become active on any of these platforms… Someone is sure to catch him in the act.

Gabby Petito - Brian Laundrie
Gabby Petito – Brian Laundrie

Are you following the bizarre updates regarding Brian Laundrie’s Spotify? Do you think he’s still actively using it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this case.




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