What Happened To Jane.Com? Why Isn’t It Working?

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The popular website Jane.com hasn’t been working and neither has their phone app. This has people who sell with them or buy from them wondering what is going on. So what is wrong with Jane.com?

Popular Website Jane Not Working

When you go to the website Jane.com, it says “down for maintenance.” Reports are out that the app isn’t working either, which is causing people to be very frustrated. You can still download it in the app store, but if you go to it the app says “Trouble Connecting. We seem to have be having trouble reaching Jane. Please check your internet and try again.” There is no explanation of why it isn’t working, though. It sounds like there is more to this story than just not paying the bill to keep their website working.

What Happened To Jane.com?

It appears that Jane.com has shut down completely and everyone is upset about this big news. A month ago there was a thread on Reddit where sellers were complaining that they were not getting paid by them. One reply said, “Jane.com is more than likely going to be gone by tomorrow…if not tomorrow, by the weekend. If you are a part of the FB group, sellers are pulling out and putting deals on hold for not getting paid. Jane is already taking down deals as well. It all finally caught up with them. Time for all of us to face reality.”

The Krazy Coupon Lady explained a bit about what is going on right now with this site. Some people are owed as much as $35,000 from the site, but they aren’t paying anyone. Lehi Police Department in Lehi, Utah is working on an investigation into them at this time. It is being reported that they haven’t been paying people for the last few weeks and are not responding to support questions. The site has even turned off some of their comments on social media.

Please let us know in the comments below if you are dealing with issues from this website not paying you as well. It sounds like it is happening to a lot of people and right at Christmas, this is terrible timing. X, formerly known as Twitter, is going wild with people talking about it and the loss that they are dealing with at this time.

Were you shocked to see that Jane.com isn’t working anymore? Do they owe you any money? Sound off in the comments below.

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