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Dog The Bounty Hunter Catches Brian Laundrie On Camera: Update

Trisha Faulkner

Dog The Bounty Hunter took to the Internet last night to declare he has caught Brian Laundrie on camera. This update was shared by his daughter Lyssa Chapman on Twitter.

Brian Laundrie Update: Dog The Bounty Hunter Confirms Big Lead

Roughly 16 hours ago, Lyssa Chapman confirmed Dog had a HOT lead on Brian Laundrie. She, however, tweeted a second time reminding the world to keep their eyes peeled. Until Brian Laundrie is captured and behind bars, she wanted to make sure people continued to search for him.

Lyssa Chapman also explained the protocol for working a case like this. She noted they did hand over tips and leads to the authorities. They, however, didn’t skip searching an area because authorities already did. Turns out, there have been plenty of times they’ve searched an area AFTER authorities and still managed to find the fugitive.

Since he joined the search, Dog The Bounty Hunter explained his goal is to safely locate Brian Laundrie and bring him in alive. According to his daughter, Dog The Bounty Hunter kicked off searching for Brian Laundrie at 4 in the morning. Then, he proceeded to search for roughly 24 hours before calling it quits for the night at around 1 in the morning the following day.

Duane Chapman - Brian Laundrie House
Dog The Bounty Hunter – YouTube

Hot Lead: Catches Brian Laundrie On Camera

Turns out, Dog The Bounty Hunter may have discovered where Brian’s parents left in days before he “went missing.” There was reason to believe Brian Laundrie was at Fort De Soto Park. Or, at least, he had been at one point in time. Dog confirmed Brian and his parents were spotted on camera. They came to the park on two different occasions together.

Dog The Bounty Hunter notes that on September 6th, Brian Laundrie and his parents were caught on camera going into the park. He adds the camera only caught TWO of the individuals leaving the park. While he didn’t clarify who, the internet took this to mean this park is likely where Brian’s parents left him. Has he been hiding at this park since September 8th?

Brian Laundrie appalachians
Brian Laundrie

Dog The Bounty Hunter goes on to confirm there are several little islands back behind the park. Speaking to officials, he got confirmation that someone could use a canoe to get to any of these islands. And, it is very possible for Brian to be hiding on one of them. Or, at least, it is possible he was hiding on one of them for a period of time.

The internet believes it is only a matter of time until Brian is caught now that Dog The Bounty Hunter is on the case.

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