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Fake Gabby Petito IG Linked To Brian Laundrie Posts & Deletes Bizarre Pic

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The fake Gabby Petito Instagram continues to post on their stories as the internet wonders if the Laundrie family is involved. As we previously reported, a fake profile pretending to be Gabby Petito surfaced on the social media platform. Technically, the profile surfaced before her body was discovered. The profile seemingly served two purposes. The first being trying to convince people to stop looking for Gabby Petito because she was still alive. The second purpose of the profile was to get people to stop coming for Brian Laundrie and his family.

Gabby Petito Instagram
Gabby Petito Instagram

Now, as we previously reported, the account spent WAY more time trying to get people to live Brian Laundrie alone. Furthermore, the account has yet to post a new photo of Gabby. As those who have been following this story know, a body believed to belong to Gabby Petito was found roughly 200 yards away from a spot traveling YouTubers reported seeing her van back toward the end of August.

These YouTubers video footage of the van ultimately narrowed down the search area for authorities and led to the discovery of the body. Despite the recovery of the body, the fake Instagram account remains active.


Fake Gabby Petito Instagram Posts Update: See Photo

Less than an hour ago, the fake Gabby Petito Instagram took to their Stories to share a photo. The snapshot was a photo of a tent. The tent appeared to be set up in a grassy area with trees in the background. The sky was also clear blue. There were no people in the photo and nothing more was posted. Just this photo. No explanation for what the photo was or who posted it.

Is the account still trying to get people to think Gabby might be alive?

Gabby Petito Fake Instagram - screenshots

Theories On The Newest Post

The latest post on the fake Instagram account hasn’t been up for very long. So, there aren’t many theories floating around the internet just yet. But, as we previously reported, the internet is relatively sure this account was created by Brian’s mother. Presently, Brian is the only person the account follows. The account continues to remain active as it is private and someone at the other end has to approve or deny those continuing to follow it. Here are some of the theories floating around

  • Brian Laundrie either took this photo and sent it to his mother or both Brian and his mother have access to this account.
  • The account is supposed to make people believe Gabby is still alive
  • fake gabby instagram

Gabby Petito’s Fake Instagram: Was The New Post An Accident?

Now, this bizarre photo of the tent was only up on the Instagram Stories of the fake Gabby Petito account for 55 minutes before it was deleted. So, one big question is simple: Why was the picture deleted? Was posting the picture to the Instagram Stories an accident? Was there something IN the photo that the Laundrie family didn’t want people to see?

Why do you think the fake Gabby Petito Instagram account posted and then deleted this photo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this story.

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  1. Whoa, that’s crazy. I’m following this story from germany since a few days. But didn’t they also show this tent in a video from the scene where they found her body? I think so. I remember an (almost) empty tent with his small guitar in it and not much more… this whole story is so odd, I have to admit, at first I thought “why do they all already think that she’s dead and he killed her? Maybe they’re BOTH in big trouble. Maybe he told her to stay there and wait for him, he would take the risk and drive back home with a made up story, to get whatever they needed and secretly come back to her, to run away together.” well, I didn’t want to believe that this happened, but of course it looks bad for him, now. Really bad. Even, if it was just an accident and he was in shock & didn’t know how to handle it or was afraid that the police would blame her death on him although he’s innocent, by now he should have realized that running away only makes it worse. – And how delusional must brians mother or whoever this is be, to think this Account could convince people? And sorry, whatever is wrong with brian – I don’t think that he’d be this stupid to create a fake account or join it. There are millions of people out there who can’t even distinguish between homicide & murder but think they know better than the police and everyone else – and among them are thousands of trolls, of course. Maybe just someone without morals who thinks it’s funny to confuse people? I’ve seen people “laughing” (emoji) in a live Chat under a video about the police & how they found her remains. -So, as always, there are really sick people out there who can find even situations like this one “entertaining” – I hope instagram will delete this account as soon as possible, this person should be ignored. I bet he/she craves attention and feeds on other peoples despair. I guess the best thing is to ignore them until they doubt their own existence. Whoever this is – it’s a dissocial person with a disgusting charakter who lacks the ability for empathy. (-_-) I hope that Gabbys parents and the world will get answers. I hope they’ll get him and he’ll talk to them. Because wtf happened during all these days after he came back home, before he ran away again? What did he tell his parents? That she’s in a mental hospital and he’ll pick her up again, in a few weeks? And if Gabbys mother already thought that the last messages are NOT from Gabby and he came back without her – why didn’t they report Gabby as missing right after he came back home? There’s so much I really don’t understand and so many possible scenarios. My thoughts go to gabbys family. I hope they’ll be able to heal & find peace again. (and I hope Karma has people like this Fake-Account Troll on its List!)

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