90 Day Fiance - Eric Rosenbrook - Leida Margaretha Spill the Beans on TLC
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’90 Day Fiance’: Eric and Leida Surface In Shocking New Interview – See Latest Pic

90 Day Fiance stars Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook recently popped up in a bombshell interview claiming that their least favorite couple on the show was… them. Yes, the way they were portrayed, they hated that couple (Eric and Leida) “produced” by the 90 Day Fiance powers who be.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha Didn’t Like Themselves On the Show

Eric doesn’t want to say the series was scripted because there wasn’t any 90 Day Fiance script. But what he does say is the show was produced so they would get drama even if there wasn’t any.

Eric said that some of the tactics the 90 Day Fiance people used were horrible. Like on one of the hottest days of the year turning off the AC so Eric would sweat profusely and come off as a sweaty grungy-type of guy.

The couple appeared for an interview on the Domatishow. When asked who was their least favorite couple on the show, both Leida and Eric said it was them.

This couple had no problem understanding why everyone hated them. Even they didn’t like Eric and Leida, the couple they saw on the show. But that couple was the creation of TLC edits, according to Leida and her husband Eric.

Come On Back – Invited to Star In Spinoff

When Eric and Leida were approached to do yet another 90 Day Fiance spinoff, they thought about it. So they attempted to negotiate their paychecks for another round on the show.

But Eric said even though this TLC franchise is one of the most popular reality shows, they pay less than any most reality shows on TV today.

When Leida and Eric were approached for another season, they set their own price for a paycheck. When TLC wouldn’t meet that price, the couple refused to return. Eric and his wife wanted $5K each per episode but they said TLC told them that it doesn’t work like that.

While the couple never mentioned what they were paid, Eric did say that the money wasn’t worth what they endured on 90 Day Fiance.

Every time a rerun comes on with Eric and Leida on the screen, the death threats start pouring in. They claim they’ve received thousands of death threats while the season first aired. The threats continue still today, each time a rerun airs.

90 Day Fiance: Leida Too Boring – Needed to Stir It Up

One of the biggest disasters for Eric and Leida was the way their relationship with Tasha played out on the show. Things are better between the couple and Eric’s grown daughter today. Although, it sounds as if they still have some legal stuff they need to take into consideration that hampers their time together.

While the 90 Day Fiance cameras filmed, the producers told Leida she needed to amp it up. They saw her as too boring. While she tried, both she and Eric said much of what played out on-screen ended up completely out of context. He said the 90 Day Fiance people went behind his back.

It also sounds as if this couple was shocked when they got to see the finished product. What the audience saw on the screen mainly came from TLC edits. Many times the scenes played out differently than what really happened, claims Eric. He is just one of many of the series celebrities to accuse TLC of editing to create drama that wasn’t there.

So, this couple, who often makes it on the 90 Day Fiance most hated couple lists, agrees with the fans. The way they were portrayed was so horrific that they too didn’t like the Eric and Leida on the TLC reality series.

90 Day Fiance-Eric Rosenbrook-Leida Margaretha New Photo

Eric and Leida Today?

Together now for four years, Eric and Leida spent two of those years “and counting” as a married couple. The latest picture of the two of them appears above. They look rather rested and happy these days. They also seem extremely compatible in their latest interview.

Some fans suggest it looks like they used a filter for the photo above. There’s not so much as a wrinkle or blemish on either face in that picture.

It appears fans won’t see Eric and his bride on another 90 Day Fiance franchise show like Happily Ever After. At least not in the near future. Perhaps if TLC starts paying their reality stars some real money they will.

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