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’90 Day Fiance’: Geoffrey Paschel’s Nipple Tattoos – What Are They?

90 Day Fiance star Geoffrey Paschel offered up the story of his nipple tattoos after the many questions he’s been asked about these rather strange designs. Before he lets it rip, Geoffrey warns that the story of his nipple tattoos is very “anti-climatic”.

90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel Makes Decision

So there’s not a jaw-dropping moment waiting at the end of this story. Still, this 90 Day Fiance hunk is sure to hold your interest as the shares the fascinating origin of his nipple tats. The tattoo artist was a professional, or so Geoffrey thought. He was at a convention that was about to close when he decided on what was a rather “cool design”.

This 90 Day Fiance celeb describes a book being thrown at him that contained tons of designs. He came across one that he liked and showed it to the guy who was about to ink him.

90 Day Fiance Geoffrey Paschel Tells All About His Nipple Tats

When the guy asked Geoffrey where he wanted the tattoo, the reality celeb hesitated. The tattoo artist broke that moment of uncertainty for Geoffrey. He blurted out – “around your tits”.

This Guy Knows What’s Cool

Geoffrey said if anyone would know what a cool tattoo would look like it would be this guy. So he agreed that the tats would go around this future 90 Day Fiance cast member’s nipples. When done, he was off and running to show his buddies these cool nipple tats.

Instead of thumbs up, this over-enthusiastic TLC reality series cast member heard laughter. He quickly learned that his friends weren’t seeing cool tattoos. Nope, they thought they looked weird and kind of funny.

Instead of a pat on his back, he got laughter telling him his nipple tats weren’t as cool as he thought.

90 Day Fiance: So What the Hell Are These Designs?

People liked to guess what this 90 Day Fiance gent was sporting on his breasts in the form of tattoo art. Those guesses ran the gamut from simple to elite. Some thought he had snakes slithering from his nipples. Others took a whack at this possibly being a child’s drawing he preserved for life in the form of a tat.

Flames – yes, some thought Geoffrey’s nipples were shooting flames. Another guess was the tattoos were some kind of snack. He also heard they looked like a tribal piece. He didn’t find a shortage of people ready to take a guess.

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“She’s adventurous. I love adventure!” I can’t stop thinking about that line in the show when I was talking about Varya referring to this video. The boys and I got a little R&R while taking a break from real life a couple days ago. We shouldn’t take for granted the chance to still be able to do this…and be wanted 🙂 We had some good, clean time while merely enjoying each other…and of course some friendly competition. It seems as if time is flying and all I am doing is getting older—but I won’t let that stop me. I will be a child inside till the day I die and no one will be able to take that away from me. Savor your time, it won’t always be here. . . . . . . #90dayfiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #beforethe90days #knoxvilletennessee #knoxville #knoxvilletn #mountains #ropeswing #river #competition #swing #milldam #townsend #backflip #fun #laughable #smiles #games #flip #downtime #enjoyinglife

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But Geoffrey, who now has 90 Day Fiance fame under his belt, settled on a peacock’s eyebrows. He came up with that after the question was asked just too many times.

So, there you have his anti-climactic story. Just a tattoo that he trusted would look cool and, well… it got more laughs than raves. And even he doesn’t know what it is. Just a design.

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