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Queen Under Pressure To Strip Prince Harry and Meghan’s Titles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly rang in the new year like a couple of business magnets but across the pond another whirlwind brews. Many still see Prince Harry’s move away from the Royal Family as rebellious. It also seems that many still blame Meghan Markle for this as well.

Royal News: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Spark Fury

Sadly Harry might just be Harry in the future if the Queen gives into the calls echoed by droves of people around the UK to take those titles back. The latest uproar stems from the Royal Couple’s penned New Year’s emotional tribute that highly praised their individual mothers.

According to the latest news, it seems the Queen is leaning toward clipping the wings of her grandson and his wife. This possibility grows stronger especially after this New Year’s message seemed to forget about his father, Prince Charles.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan launched their new foundation for the new year. It’s a non-profit called Archwell, which is easy to see who they named it after, their son. In this tribute, Harry described himself as “his mother’s son”.

The tribute, penned by the couple together, seemed to recognize their mothers only. But it was Harry’s failure to mention Prince Charles that caused an eruption from royal watchers everywhere.

Queen Supporters Furious – Call For Action

Fans of the Royal Family were furious after hearing what this royal couple did. Leaving Prince Charles out of their message seemed deliberate, according to Royal Family fans.  Harry and Meghan have passed along messages of treating people kindness in the past. This is how they’d like to be treated as well.

One fan came out verbally swinging by suggesting they’re not following their own advice.  The Royal watcher writes: “Both have alienated their own families but still have the audacity to preach to the little people about ‘kindness.”

Meghan Markle and Archie

That was far from the end of the comments that the disillusioned fans sent Prince Harry and Meghan’s way. Two distinct camps formed over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pulling up anchor and sailing away from the Royal family.

One camp supports their freedom and the other thinks this is nothing but a snub and it’s uncalled for. But when Harry said that he’s his mother’s son most people who follow the royal couple knew just what he meant.

Royal News: His Mother’s Son

Prince Harry, much like his brother Prince William, doesn’t speak out often about the death of their mother, Princess Diana. But it’s well-known that both young men attach blame to the paparazzi. They gave chase to the car their mom rode in on her last day here on earth.

While Harry was only 12 when his mom died, he’s had plenty of time to read all the things that Princess Diana said about her marriage to Prince Charles.

She publicly revealed her husband’s unfaithfulness during interviews. As Prince Harry got older, there’s a good chance he too became enlightened on his mother’s life within the Royal Family.

That had to have some effect on the little boy still inside Prince Harry who adored his mother. Then his wife, Meghan Markle seems to have no use for her own dad, although she is very close to her mom. Having that unconditional love for their mothers is something they share in common. Meghan’s estrangement from her father might help Harry in his distancing when it comes to his dad.

Whether or not the Queen will strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles remains to be seen. Although some Royal watchers suggest if she doesn’t it will continue to look as though she condones this type of behavior of Harry basically turning his back on the Royal Family.

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  1. Charles was an adulterer and then married the woman he who was the third person in his first marriage. Nobody wanted his titles taken away. There was no punishment – period. Andrew is currently in so much legal trouble he was essentially fired. Nobody gave a single thought of taking his titles away. His ex-wife Sarah, was in legal trouble trying to extort money from the royal family. Nobody considered taking away her title – she is still Duchess of York. Deciding not to be a working royal, making a living for yourself is not a crime or immoral. It is a decision for which the very people he served and put his life on the line for twice as a military man won’t stop until they feel like they have completely destroyed his life. I say Harry should just tell his grandmother to take all that she intends to take right now; no more of this blackmail and dangling trinkets in his face. Harry is a happy man because he is at peace. All this hate is on you – not him.

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