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‘Sister Wives’: Christine’s Fans Beg Her to Stop – Finally Updates Daughter’s Surgery

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown is with several of her children in New Jersey for Ysabel Brown’s surgery this week. But as fans wait for updates on Christine’s daughter, instead they get something else. But things look better today, it’s almost as if Christine got the message.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Relentless These Days…

It seems that Christine Brown’s latest Sister Wives post doesn’t do much for her fans. One commenter even begged her to stop sending out these types of messages to her followers.

It looks like Christine continues pushing products on her posts and just as fans had enough, things changed. Christine offered a post on Ysabel going into surgery.

Christine Brown Going Into Ysabel's Surgery

A while back, this mom of six made it clear to her Sister Wives viewers that she needed to raise some money. The cash will go towards the part her insurance doesn’t pay for Ysabel’s surgery. Christine Brown needed $50K and she was selling her LuLaRoe items to raise this cash.

While fans obliged after she asked them to buy as much as they can, it didn’t stop there. Christine’s plea for money got turned around to Kody Brown.

Problems With This Picture…

Ysabel is also Kody’s daughter so why is Christine seemingly going at this alone, fans asked. Then they wondered why this family didn’t have insurance that would cover this major surgery for Ysabel. A $50,000 seems really steep.

Now that Ysabel is in New Jersey, where that surgery takes place, fans want to know how she’s doing. Christine has let the Sister Wives followers know she and a few of her kids are staying with her sister while Yasbel goes through this journey.

But instead of updates, Christine is back to selling stuff.  As seen in the Instagram post above, Christine looks good in her blue mask. It accentuates her blue eyes and that’s apparently what she wants to draw attention to.

It looks like this post was made to sell the mascara that Christine is wearing. “Stop” – writes one fan. Enough with the marketing of products. People just want to know how the Sister Wives’ daughter is doing today.

Sister Wives: Finally An Update On Ysabel’s Surgery

It looks like Christine took in what the fans had to say. Today she offers an update on Ysabel. The surgery is done and it was a “complete success” for the Sister Wives teen.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown Update on Ysabel surgery

The relief of the fans is seen in the comment sections on social media. Fans are thrilled the surgery went well and most of all successful. Ysabel needed the curve in her spine corrected. Despite a holistic approach of exercise and a brace, in the beginning, she still needed the surgery.

Christine said she can’t go into too many details as Ysabel’s journey is part of the new season’s storyline. But the fans got all they needed – Ysabel is fine today.

So Ysabel is on the mend after a successful surgery. That’s what the Sister Wives fans wanted to hear. Now if Christine goes back to pushing products, her followers might be a bit more tolerant.

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