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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Gone Again – Leaves Fans Confused

Sister Wives star Christine Brown announced to the world that she’s about to go dark on social media for the unforeseeable future. This mom of six and third wife of Kody Brown offers frequent posts for her TLC reality series followers.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown a Social Media Frequent Flyer

A few of the Sister Wives ladies are frequent flyers on social media. This includes Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown. Her co-wife Meri deals in cryptic messages these days.

Meri offers some eyebrow-raising posts but tiptoes lightly by not mentioning names. Janelle keeps it light and airy, with cooking, kids pics, and gardening.

But Christine Brown has the tendency to spurt forth with anything she has on her mind. Sometimes her posts get her in hot water with her fans. But this time around, she’s not only saying goodbye, but keeping the reason under wraps.

Christine mentions the “nondisclosure” contract that the Sister Wives cast members all sign. That’s her reason for being so vague about where she’s off to. But fans have a pretty good idea where she’s headed.

It seems they believe Christine Brown will head to one of two places. Who knows, maybe both?

Full Stop For Wife Number Three

Apparently Christine plans to also stop doing the live sales of her LuLaRoe clothes during this hiatus as well. This Sister Wives celeb plans on going completely off the grid on this vacation from social media.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - In the Kitchen

But some fans think Christine isn’t doing this because she wants a break. No, some think she has something important to do during this time. But… she can’t tell the Sister Wives followers just what that is.

Sister Wives: What’s Christine Up To?

While some reports have her packing up and heading to Maddie Brown Brush’s house in North Carolina, others think shes about to take her daughter for major surgery.

Maddie’s little Evie just had amputation surgery. So, one report puts Christine headed there to help Maddie with the kids. Then there are Christine’s recent online pleas to raise money for her daughter’s surgery. So, other fans think Christine is taking time off to stay with Ysabel Brown as she undergoes a procedure for her scoliosis.

But Christine writes, “I’ll be gone, super excited about it. I won’t be doing lives, I’ll be on vacation.” It’s hard to think that any mom would be “super excited” about their child’s surgery or that they would consider it a “vacation.” So, maybe she is headed to Maddie’s house.

Either way, Christine Brown surprised her Sister Wives followers when she announced this social media hiatus. But now she’s confused them on the reason behind this.

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