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‘Sister Wives’ Season 15: When Is The Premiere Date?

Sister Wives Season 15 is in the forefront of fans minds. They can’t get enough of Kody Brown and his four wives. So, they were waiting anxiously for word on the new 2020 season premiere date. Unfortunately, a fresh season of Sister Wives didn’t come and now we’ve entered a new year. So, do we have any updated information on Season 15? When will we get more of this TLC series? Here’s what we know. 

Followers of the TLC reality series already know that there is a new season in the works. But, when will it start? This seems to be the most asked question about Kody Brown and his wives today.

Sister Wives Season 15: Christine Brown Spills The Beans

Christine Brown already confirmed the production of Season 15 was happening. At first, she nixed talking about her daughter’s medical prognosis when asked by a fan. Christine said that it was part of next season’s storyline so their contract didn’t allow her to talk about it.

While that was the first clue another season was in the works, she later confirmed it. After several times of being asked, Christine Brown finally said yes to fans, which confirmed they were filming a new season of Sister Wives.


This is nothing new, the confirmation of last season might not have come from Christine but from her household. It seems the first confirmation that Season 14 was in the works came via her offspring. One of her daughters spilled the beans during a Q&A segment with fans on her Instagram.

What About TLC’s Announcement?

The lack of an official announcement on TLC’s part is nothing new. So, while they have never officially offered the word of renewal or cancellation of the Sister Wives series, that’s just par for the course.

Sister Wives Throwback Photos

Sister Wives is filming Season 15. But, the history of TLC announcing a renewal tells us when to expect it. TLC probably won’t offer their official word on the show’s renewal until it’s just weeks away from their Season 15 debut date.

Past announcements of the show’s renewals came anywhere from about a month to just weeks before the debut rolled out. When this reality series first graced the screen with Season 1, that was on September 26, 2010. So, the show started in September.

Sister Wives: History Tells The Story

But the Sister Wives seasons premiered in different months for the first dozen seasons. Premieres came out in May one year and maybe July the next. Seasons premiered in many different months through the years, including, May, June, July, September, November, and March.

While the series has been around for a decade, it’s the 15th season that premieres next. So Sister Wives aired two seasons during some years. Season 4 premiered in May of 2012  and Season 5 premiered in November of 2012. Seasons 8 and 9 both debuted in 2015.

Even Janelle Brown Tweets a Teaser, to get ready for news of the new season. It sounds like TLC is about ready to roll out the premiere date.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown New Season

So it’s safe to say there’s no set month for the premiere of a Sister Wives new season. But the last three season premieres, for 2018, 2019, and 2020 all came in January.

Sister Wives Season 15: Did Pandemic Push Back Filming?

The Sister Wives camera crew could probably film the Kody Brown family blindfolded by now, as they are in the 15th season. But they never had to navigate a pandemic.

A few months back, Christine Brown explained they were able to film despite the stay-at-home nationwide plan keeping people apart. But she said the crew devised a way for both keeping their distance and filming.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown Throwback Photos and Pics

The family had cameras all over the place in their homes without the crew. They filmed Kody Brown, his four wives, and the kids one week on and one week off.

So, When Will Sister Wives Season 15 Air?

Again, TLC hasn’t officially said there’s a new season of Sister Wives filming. But, Christine Brown did confirm a new season is on its way. Going by the history of the way TLC does things, you should see the official word of the TLC reality series being renewed somewhere in December.

Then history indicates that Sister Wives Season 15 should roll out sometime in January. But… TLC could surprise the fans and announce the Season 15 debut anytime. In the past, they did start a season in September and in November.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

With September almost here, it doesn’t look like that’s the target month. It would be a great surprise for fans if the network offered a November debut of Season 15. With Janelle Brown’s tweet above, that offers a bit more of a possibility it’s coming sooner than later.

But again, history indicates it’s more likely you can look for a January debut for the new season, as that’s the month Sister Wives rolled out the debut of their last three seasons.

UPDATE: Obviously, Sister Wives Season 15 did not see a 2020 premiere date. As we move into the second week of January, a January release date seems equally unlikely. Here’s hoping we are looking at a 2021 premiere date.

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