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‘Sister Wives’: Does Christine Brown’s Gift Have a Hidden Agenda? (Photo)

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to be on a mission to earn some money these days as Kody Brown is in the red. Everything she’s tried so far has been met with bashing from many of the TLC reality series fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Sales Ploys

She asked her Sister Wives followers to buy as many LuLaRoe articles as they can. She needed their help to make the money to defray the cost of a $50,000 medical co-pay for one of her kids.

After that she hopped on Cameo, following in the footsteps of one of her Sister Wives co-wives. But for some reason, she raised her Cameo price $5 more than what Janelle Brown charges. Again, she caught fireworks for this. It appeared she tried to outdo Janelle.

So, it appears she’s not gaining headway with her sales ploys. Now it seems she may disguises her new gig as a gift.

Don’t Look a Gift Horse In the Mouth But Promote It?

Christine recently posted a photo of some lavish jewelry. These jewels resemble something you might find in the late Princess Diana’s collection. She tells her fans it is a gift from her daughter Aspyn Brown Thompson, who sends this from her job.

This Sister Wives’ mom also writes how she just loves these bobbles. But she’s not wearing them or even holding the pieces in her hands. No, she has them laid out on a silken bag.

But what is most striking in the photo is the name of the company that sits front and center of the jewelry.

Sister Wives: Showing Off Gift Or Advertising?

The jewelry is apparently part of the Kendra Scott Collection. The name is just as big as the pieces themselves in the photo. They are gorgeous pieces and her fans praised her for her new gift.

But some fans seemed to see through this. One woman asked in the comment section where Aspyn worked. She wants her own daughter to get a job where she can send her mother gifts like that.

Christine didn’t say – look what Aspyn bought me. She also didn’t say look what my daughter gave me. NO, her daughter “sends me gifts from work,” which is how Christine worded the post.

Then Christine laid them out in a display, one that resembles what you may see in an ad. So is Christine doing some advertising on the side these days? Is this her newest plan for raising the money she’s been attempting to gather for some time now?

Either way the jewels are beautiful but it’s too bad she didn’t put them on so Aspyn could see how nice they looked on her Sister Wives mom.

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