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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Wanted to Be Kody’s Last Wife?

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown is the third wife of Kody Brown and for 16 years, she was also the last wife for this shared husband. Then Kody became infatuated with Robyn Brown and soon she was wife number four. But after a decade and a half of being Kody’s last wife, Christine Brown faced major adjustments.

Sister Wives: A Slap In the Face for Christine Brown

Sister Wives fans formed a group of people who rewatched the first season of the TLC reality series. While the first season astonished veteran fans 10 years ago, it seems to offer even bigger astonishments today.

Sister Wives meri christine and janelle Brown

Several fans of the Sister Wives series discuss just what a slap in the face Christine received when took Kody married wife number four. An online group debated how Christine suffered during the time frame around Kody’s fourth marriage.

Wife Replacement Theory

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown all seem to individually bring something different to Kody. Some fans think that Robyn seemed to replace the assets that Christine was most noted for when it came to this Sister Wives husband.

Janelle, the second wife, was Kody’s intellectual partner. These two would discuss business and finances for hours. Meri, Kody’s first wife, was the matriarch and much like his best friend. At least she was at one time.

Up until Robyn joined the family, it seems Christine was the sexy and seductive wife. Now Robyn strolls in as wife number four and Christine’s role diminishes considerably. Kody acted like a teenage boy with his first crush.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown on Couch

One fan suggested the animosity that Christine Brown developed around Robyn joining the family was fully understandable. Another suggests that even though Christine often mentions how she always wanted to be a third wife, that’s not all she wanted.

Christine Wanted to Be the Last One

That fan believes Christine Brown wanted to stay in her position as Kody Brown’s last wife. This theory developed after watching Christine’s behavior during the first season of Sister Wives.

Fans saw Kody Brown as completely insensitive to Christine Brown. She was pregnant with her last child and then gave birth as Kody courted and married Robyn. There was enough swooning going on by Kody Brown towards Robyn to get all three of his wives ticked off.

But the fan’s sympathy turned towards Christine Brown who needed a husband by her side during this time in her life. With Robyn taking up so much of Kody’s time back then, fans saw Christine as a victim.

So, do you think some of that animosity carries over today between the Sister Wives co-wives?  A lot of what you see on the screen was edited to look one way or another. But Christine and Robyn don’t seem very close as you watch them through the episodes.

Christine does seem to seek Kody’s attention more so than the other wives. Kody is seen as dismissive of her romantic gestures at times, like when she moves in to get a hug.

While he practices his rule of not showing romance to one wife in front of the others, Christine still gives it a try. Maybe she still has a need to validate that she still appeals to Kody Brown.

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