Sister Wives - Kody Brown Compared to HIs Biological Sons
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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Teen Pic Compared To Sons – Who Looks Like Papa?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has 18 kids with several grown sons but the viewers of the TLC reality series don’t get to see them much. If they do see one of Kody’s sons it is usually alone, you don’t usually see them all together.

Sister Wives: The Sons of Kody Brown

Some astute Reddit users thought it would be interesting to see which of Kody Brown’s sons most resemble the Sister Wives dad. Below is the picture they posted online showing the resemblance of a young Kody Brown to three of his sons.

These Sister Wives boys also have some of their moms’ looks about them as well. Kody Brown is on the top left. He looks to be somewhere in the neighborhood of his late teens or early 20s. This is about the same age as his three sons in this first grouping of photos below.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown and His Older Sons

Hunter Brown, 23, is Janelle Brown and Kody Brown’s son. Can you pick him out of the three handsome young men above?  Hint… he has Janelle’s famous smile. That’s Hunter directly under Kody’s picture. He’s the one grinning ear to ear

Apple Falls Not Too Far From Kody’s Tree

There’s no denying Janelle is this kid’s mom. While he does take after his dad in looks as well, you can’t miss that he’s Janelle’s son too. Then next to Kody on the top right is Logan Brown. He is not only the oldest son of the Sister Wives patriarch but at 26, he is the oldest of all 18 kids. He too is Janelle Brown’s son.

Last, but certainly not least from the photos above is Garrison Brown, 22. He appears in the bottom right photo.

This son now goes by his name on his birth certificate, Robert Garrision Brown. Today he calls himself Robert or Bob. But the family continues to call him Garrison and he is yet another son of Janelle and Kody Brown.

Missing from the photos above of Kody Brown’s sons is Gabe Brown, 22, who is the fourth and youngest son of Janelle and Kody Brown. Christine Brown’s son Paedon, 22, is also not in the group of sons above. Sister Wives - Kody Brown Sons

Paedon is Christine’s only son, he appears above on the top right. Then of course Robyn is the mom to Dayton Brown, 20, who is the adopted son of Kody Brown. He does not appear in the photos above.

Solomon Brown, who is only 8, is Kody’s biological son with Robyn. He’s the little guy on the bottom in the above group of pictures. Then there’s Gabe Brown on the top right in the photo above. Do you see Kody Brown anywhere among these three boys?

Sister Wives: All Sons Accounted For

This rounds out all seven sons of Kody Brown. The six biological boys appear above, so who do you think resembles the Sister Wives papa the most? Of course, you have to give Solomon some time to grow, but he’s already got Kody’s blond hair color.

Kody Brown’s hair was straight, much like his youngest son’s hair, during the earlier seasons of the Sister Wives series. Janelle said her shared husband’s hair seemed to get curly as he got older. Today Kody sports ringlets.

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