Ryker Bates, Trace Bates, Lydia Bates From Bringing up Bates Sourced From @lydiaromeikebates Instagram
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Lydia Bates Celebrates New Milestone Of Baby Ryker With Sweet Clip

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Bringing Up Bates star Lydia Bates is back on social media to share updates about her son, Ryker. The 26-year-old mom has been uploading adorable clips and photos of her child. Many are also glad that Trace has been making efforts to keep his wife happy after suffering a miscarriage in February. Recently, Lydia celebrated Ryker’s new milestone. Keep reading to see the beautiful clip.

Bringing Up Bates: What Are Trace & Lydia Bates Up To Today?

Trace and Lydia have been busy making memories with Ryker over the past few days. The Bringing Up Bates stars previously documented their baby boy’s first time at the zoo. There are times when Ryker gets scared, but he eventually enjoys looking at different animals. Lydia also took to Instagram earlier this month to share a clip of Trace and Ryker staring into each other’s eyes.

Ryker Bates & Lydia Bates From Bringing up Bates Sourced From @tracewbates Instagram
Ryker Bates & Lydia Bates From Bringing up Bates Sourced From @tracewbates Instagram

Lydia Celebrates New Milestone Of Baby Ryker

In an Instagram post, Lydia shared how she celebrated Ryker turning 7 months old. The Bringing Up Bates star uploaded a clip of herself dancing with her only child with the caption, “7 months with our little boy.” She even shared a glimpse of Ryker when he was just a few days old. Many were left in awe by Lydia Bates’ post, while others were surprised that he’s already 7 months old. Trace’s wife also caught the attention of some commenters as she expressed sadness about her child growing up too fast.

  • “Wow I can’t believe 7 months already!! Watch all YouTube videos!! Love your family!”
  • “Awe they grow up so fast.”
  • “Aww! Don’t be sad, it keeps getting sweeter as they grow & learn!”
  • “He’s growing up so fast!!”
  • “Don’t spend your time being sad they’re growing. Spend your time enjoying every stage instead.”

Bringing Up Bates: Trace Sends Big Message For Lydia Bates

Lydia recently celebrated her 26th birthday. Many members of the Bates family sent her sweet messages online. But her husband, Trace, touched many with his post. According to the Bringing Up Bates star, he feels so blessed to spend another year with Lydia. He also added that he enjoyed watching his wife become a good mother. “I truly get to live my dream life with you every day. Hope you are having an amazing birthday! Ryker and I love you so much,” he added.

Ryker Bates & Lydia Bates From Bringing up Bates Sourced From @lydiaromeikebates Instagram

Kelly Jo Bates also took to IG to send her daughter-in-law a special message. But the mother of 19 raised some eyebrows as her message seemingly showed signs that Lydia is her favorite.

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