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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Predict 2024 For The Family

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Bringing Up Bates fans are making big predictions for the Bates family this 2024. 2023 was quite a year for the supersized family. Not only they didn’t film for the reality show for the entire year, but they also faced tons of controversies following the release of Shiny Happy People, which exposed the questionable teachings of their church, the IBLP. Regardless, Gil and Kelly Jo Bates remained positive, along with their kids. Keep reading to see the fan predictions for their family this year.

Bringing Up Bates: The Bates Family’s 2023

2023 was an unforgettable year for the Bates family. Gil and Kelly Jo welcomed five grandchildren last year, with two more coming this 2024. However, the family also suffered a heartbreaking loss with Lawson and Tiffany’s miscarriage. But despite the sad news, the family remained strong, especially with their faith. Kelly Jo has been sharing Gil’s preaching.

Kelly Jo
Photo Credit: @thebatesfam Instagram

Many of their children also attend church regularly, along with their own kids. Many Bringing Up Bates fans are also impressed by how they handled all the controversies, as they don’t seem affected by the negativity at all. It also appears that 2024 will be much better for the family.

Fans Predict 2024 For The Bates

Some Redditors shared their predictions for the Bates family this year. According to the poster, they’re predicting a large number of babies coming this 2024, as well as more engagements, weddings, and courtships. Some also think that someone might break away from the family. Here are some of the fan predictions.

The Bates
Photo Credit: @thebatesfam Instagram
  • “Somebody breaks away and has a Jill Duggar moment.”
  • “I think there will be a baby boom with – Esther, Carlin, Katie, Lydia, Tiffany and alyssa is a firm yes for me. maybe erin and whitney at the end of the year (nov/dec annoncement) Emerson is in the maybe pile too.”
  • “Pregnancy Prediction; Carlin, Katie, Alyssa, Tiffany, Tori (end of the year), Esther, Emerson and I predict Michaela, too.”
  • “I predict a normal dating relationship for Warden, not a rushed courtship/engagement/ wedding all in one year.”
  • “Other relationships: I’d say there’s a good chance for Isaiah in 2024. MAYBE Addallee. Other than that, I don’t really see any other couples forming.”

Gil and Kelly Jo Bates are also positive that their 2024 will be big. Some Bringing Up Bates fans also think that the Bates parents will continue to thrive in their business because of how they were able to keep a positive image with the public.

Bringing Up Bates: Will The Bates Family Return To The Small Screens?

Aside from pregnancies and courtships, some Redditors are also predicting that the Bates family may return to the small screen next year. Their show was unexpectedly canceled due to UPtv’s decision to focus more on movies and other scripted shows. Many also believe that the family is not yet done filming and sharing their lives on TV.

Bringing Up Bates Gil Kelly Jo
Photo Credit: @thebatesfam Instagram

There have been speculations that TLC may pick them up again, considering it was the first network they debuted on. At this point, TLC has yet to share their comments about a possible comeback of the Bates in the network. But many believe that it’s highly possible.

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