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Fans Think Gil & Kelly Jo Bates Are Worse Than Jim Bob & Michelle?

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Bringing Up Bates stars Gil and Kelly Jo Bates are proud parents to 19 children. They have the same amount of children as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. The long-time family friends have had their own reality shows as well. Many have been comparing both families over the past few years. Many believe that the Duggars are much more controversial due to Josh’s conviction. However, some Redditors think Gil and Kelly Jo are far worse than Jim Bob and Michelle. Keep reading to see what people have to say about the married couple.

Bringing Up Bates: How Are Gil & Kelly Jo Bates Today?

Gil and Kelly Jo are still doing some of their traditions despite the cancellation of their show. The Bringing Up Bates stars went to Colorado earlier this year with some of their kids for their annual skiing activities. The Bates parents currently have 27 grandchildren, with two coming this year. Gil is presently running his tree-excavating company, Bates Tree Service. He and his wife have been active on social media as well, much more than their family friends, Jim Bob and Michelle. But some Reddit users think Gil and Kelly Jo also hide skeletons in their closets, just like the Duggar parents.

Bringing Up Bates Gil Kelly Jo
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Some Fans Think Gil & Kelly Jo Are Worse Than Jim Bob & Michelle

Some Reddit users discussed why Gil and Kelly Jo Bates are more controversial than Jim Bob and Michelle. According to the poster, they never saw that the Bates parents trained their children properly. The Reddit user also added that the two only make vague references to “training” and “encouragement.” Others agreed and said that the Bringing Up Bates stars are just better influencers than the Duggars but still keep nasty secrets.

Gil Kelly Jo Bates Jim Bob Michelle
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  • “Yeah, lining kids up isn’t new, but most sane people don’t have 19 kids. I also think it’s odd for a family who shunned TV and social media they can’t stay off it.”
  • “The family learned well from the head grifter Gil. Social media is just an easy grift for them. Shilling substandard products is a fast buck for them. I see influencers no different than carnies. Using deception for a dollar.”
  • “The Bates are just better influencers than the Duggars. But they’re both cut from the same cloth.”
  • “If you need to reference the Duggars and their failures as a way to put the Bates on a pedestal it proves the point that they are just not as good of people as some of you “fans” like to make them seem.”

Bringing Up Bates: The Bates Family’s Biggest Controversies

The Bates family has been through some big controversies, just like the Duggar family. At one point, the supersized family was under fire after Carlin posted a video showing Lawson pretending to shoot one of his brothers while another one yelled, “George Floyd,” referencing his murder. The clip was quickly taken down.

The Bates
Photo Credit: @thebatesfam Instagram

However, the Bates family never apologized or addressed the issue. Many also believe that it’s one of the main reasons why UPtv cut ties with the family. Though the network clarified that they canceled the show following their decision to focus more on movies and new scripted series.

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