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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Call Out Katie Bates For Exploiting Dog

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Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates is getting called out following her recent social media post. It’s been two years since the Bates family last appeared on TV. However, the 23-year-old mom utilized her TV fame to gain more endorsements. But many are not happy with her decision involving her dog. Keep reading to see why many are upset with Katie.

Bringing up Bates: How Are Katie Bates & Travis Clark Today?

Katie started 2024 with tons of activities with the Bates family. She recently uploaded a 14-minute vlog about their week with the supersized family. The Bringing Up Bates star’s husband, Travis Clark, also talked about his new music opportunities this year. According to him, he met a few musicians during their recent trip to Nashville, and he also wrote songs with different people.

Travis Katie Bates
Photo Credit: @kgbates2000 Instagram

Meanwhile, Katie expressed how amazed she is by how fast her daughter, Hailey, is growing. The married couple has also expressed their interest in having a second child, and some fans think a big announcement may happen sometime this year.

Katie Gets Called Out For Using Dog For Income

Some Reddit users are calling out Katie following her recent YouTube post with her dog. According to the poster, the Bringing Up Bates star was promoting some kind of dog food, and the clip shows Remi eating the food. But some Redditors think it doesn’t make any sense, as dogs would eat any food given to them.

Photo Credit: Travis and Katie YouTube
  • “The dog is used for advertising …some kind of brand dog food …Katie: oh look Remi is eating the food ..yeah thats what dogs do ..they eat almost everything!!! ..omg stopppp!!”
  • “They’re using her as a puppy mill too, which is even more loathsome. Exploiting the dog, exploiting the kid. I guess it beats getting a real job.”
  • “Fundies treat animals so badly, it’s honestly so disheartening. They better stop breeding Remy. If they want more money they can both get an effing job instead of repeatedly making their pet go through that on top of taking more homes away from shelter animals.”

Bringing Up Bates: What Is Katie Bates’ Job Today?

Katie worked as a model for Bates Sisters Boutique. She later worked as a stylist at her sister Josie’s company, Effortless Beauty, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Aside from social media endorsements, the Bringing Up Bates star has also been uploading vlogs on her YouTube channel. On the other hand, Travis works as a Media Assistant and Kids Choir Leader at his church, Solid Rock Baptist Church in Berlin, New Jersey.

Katie Travis
Photo Credit: Travis and Katie YouTube

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