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‘Counting On’ Fans Discuss Why There Are No Duggar-Bates Courtship

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Counting On fans have seen multiple Duggar kids court and get married throughout the show. Some of them also settled down after the show. Some of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children are married to religious people who are also followers of the IBLP. However, many are curious as to why nobody from the supersized family has married their family friend, the Bates. Keep reading to see what they have to say about the biggest “what if” crossover.

Counting On: The Rumored Bates Courtships

There have been multiple rumored courtships between the Duggars and Bates that never pulled through. One of them was Carlin Bates, who allegedly dated Joseph Duggar. The two never confirmed their rumored relationship and eventually got married to their own partners. Lawson was also believed to have shown interest in Jinger at one point. But allegedly stopped pursuing the Duggar daughter when she announced her courtship with Jeremy Vuolo.

Counting On Jana Duggar Instagram
Photo Credit: @janamduggar Instagram

Lawson reportedly got linked to Jana as well. It all began when Jana accidentally liked a comment on the Bates family’s IG page asking if she and Lawson were courting. The fourth Bates child later stated that he and Jana are not courting. Though the two were great friends for years.

Fans Talk About Why There Are Still No Duggar-Bates Courtship

Some Redditors discussed why there are still no Duggar-Bates courtships today. According to the poster, there are still soon-to-be adult children from both families. Many have also been waiting for what may be one of the biggest crossovers.

The Duggars Bates
Photo Credit: @duggarfam / @thebatesfam Instagram

It would honestly be a huge crossover in the Fundie Cinematic Universe if it happened. And I’m sure J’Boob and Gil would be all so giddy about it.

Some think that the Duggar family’s controversies, especially regarding Josh’s conviction, may have put an end to the possibility of a Duggar-Bates courtship. Others also believe that Gil may require his kids to marry someone who has a real job. Additionally, some Counting On fans speculated that their lifestyles may be an issue as well.

  • “It seems that Gil actually requires anyone who wants to court his daughters to have a job and be able to provide for a family,” one person said.
  • “Oh please, never happening. Gil Bates doesn’t need Boob or his boys trying to date his daughters. They can’t afford to support a Bates girl,” another commenter added.
  • “I can’t see it happening. Those bates girls want to marry wealthy and go fundie lite. They are way over buy used and save the difference,” one Reddit user said.

Counting On: Who Are Courting In Both Families Today?

Nobody from the Duggar family is presently courting. There have been speculations that James and Jason are currently looking for partners. But it seems that they’re focusing more on spending time with their friends. Meanwhile, Warden recently revealed that he’s courting a woman named Taylor Maples. They even shared photos online, but later deleted them for unknown reasons.

Warden Bates
Photo Credit: @thebatesfam Instagram

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