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‘Counting On’: Is Jackson Duggar Next To Enter Courtship?

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Counting On fans have been keeping their eyes close to the Duggar family lately. Apparently, some think that the Duggars will return to their wholesome lifestyle after Josh Duggar’s sentence. Fans also believe that another Duggar might enter courtship, which might help cover up all the recent controversies of the family. At this point, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have yet to share if one of their kids is already courting. But fans already have one Duggar in their minds that might actually enter a relationship soon.

Counting On: Is Jackson Duggar Next To Enter Courtship?

Counting On fans took to Reddit to discuss why Jackson Duggar might be the next Duggar to enter courtship. According to some, Jackson just turned 18 this year, which could mean that he might get his own social media page anytime soon. Apparently, fans believe that a Duggar is about to enter a relationship whenever they get their own social media account. The same thing happened to Jeremiah Duggar, who only took several months before announcing his courtship with Hannah Wissmann.

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Nobody Acknowledged Jackson’s Birthday

Counting On fans also noticed nobody in the Duggar family acknowledged Jackson Duggar’s birthday. Apparently, Jackson celebrated his 18th birthday on May 23. It’s also known that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar usually greet their kids on social media whenever they celebrate birthdays. Due to this, fans find it odd that Jackson’s parents never mentioned him. Meanwhile, some think that it might be an indication of Jim Bob and Michelle’s poor parenting as they start to forget some of their kids.

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Counting On: Jason Duggar & Jana Duggar’s Love Life

Aside from Jackson Duggar, Counting On fans are also hoping that Jason and Jana Duggar will finally find the love of their lives. Apparently, Jason and Jana are some of the oldest Duggars to remain single. At this point, Jason has been focusing more on his career. He also loves to spend time with some of his siblings, especially those who live far such as Jinger Duggar. Jana also does the same thing. But fans believe that she’s focusing much more on taking care of her younger siblings.

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It’s clear to see that Jason and Jana are still living their best lives despite being single. Meanwhile, some think that it’s not too late for them to find the right person.

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