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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Alyssa Bates Done With Having Kids?

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Bringing Up Bates star Alyssa Bates is getting a lot of attention following her recent vlog. The 29-year-old has been living happily as a mother to five children. She likes to keep her fans in touch about her kids and often shares adorable pictures of them. However, it seems that the sixth Bates child is also experiencing struggles in her life as a mom. Some Redditors even reacted to her latest YouTube video, in which she expressed her desire to stop having babies. Keep reading to see what people have to say about Alyssa.

Bringing Up Bates: Alyssa Bates Shares Shocking 2024 Plans

Alyssa caught some Redditors off-guard in her recent vlog where she shared her plans for 2024. According to the Bringing Up Bates star, she came up with a big list of daily chores for her kids. To make it more exciting, she offered her children rewards for each task they were able to complete. It also included milestones in coop, which is an alternative homeschool program where the parents run the school and hire teachers. But some were surprised by the number of things the kids needed to do.

Alyssa Bates
Photo Credit: the Webster Family YouTube
  • “What got me is that they are “bribing” the kids with stuff from the dollar store, to do their chores and for doing homeschool. What kind of system is that?”
  • “Can’t stand Alyssa. She is a control freak and only has kids for the attention and for the free labor she gets with them. It’s sickening!!!”

Is Alyssa Done With Having Kids?

Some Redditors reacted to Alyssa Bates’ recent vlog about her son, Rhett, being able to walk at nine months. However, the Bringing Up Bates star started her video by saying she’s done with having children. She also admitted saying it with every kid, and it’s her fifth time promising. Meanwhile, some Reddit users think it’s a sign that she doesn’t want such a life and wants to pursue something bigger.

Alyssa Pic
Photo Credit: the Webster Family YouTube
  • “Rhett is walking and 3 times she is saving..this is the last time I do this!! …I hope for her she is on birth control ..she looks so over it!! …Trip to costco grocerie shopping with the kids! Thats it you’re welcome.”
  • “I hope so! Alyssa seems tired and bored being stuck at the house all the time. The kids don’t go anywhere or have hobby’s or more important a sport they like to do.”
  • “She’s done until John decides she’s not and creates an “oopsie” situation. I believe she has been over having kids a couple of births ago. Now that the prince is here she really wants out of baby making.”

Bringing Up Bates: What’s Next For Alyssa Bates?

Many Reddit users from the same thread believe that Alyssa would thrive as a businesswoman. She worked part-time at Pots and Petals Florist in Lake City, TN, up until her wedding. The Bringing Up Bates star used to work with her husband’s business of cleaning commercial buildings as well.

Alyssa Family
Photo Credit: @websterforever Instagram

But she hasn’t had much time to focus on herself after welcoming five children. Though it seems it will soon change after she expresses her desire to stop having kids.

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