Delphi murder cover photo featuring Richard Allen's mugshot, Westville Correctional Facility
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Delphi Murder Suspect‘s Last Ditch Effort To Save Himself

Nikole Behrens

Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen‘s defense team is doing everything in their power to prove that he is innocent in the horrific 2017 crime. Now, the legal team wants the judge to dismiss some evidence.

However, the public is largely in the dark about the evidence so far. In many court cases like this one, court filings are publically available unless someone involved asks for them to be made confidential. But the fact that there are so many secrets about the Delphi murder case has frustrated the public for years.

So what exactly does Allen’s defense team want to be dismissed?

Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen will appear in court this week

Even after six years, the public still doesn’t know many details about the Delphi murder case, including how the murderer killed the girls. But even so, Richard Allen’s defense team is trying incredibly hard to keep many details a secret or get them thrown out altogether.

According to WISH-TV in Indianapolis, there was a “single unfired bullet” found near the bodies of Libby German and Abby Williams. Investigators believe they can trace the bullet back to one of Richard Allen’s firearms.

This week, Allen’s legal team requested that the judge either dismiss or “limit information about the ballistics testing.” It appears that his defense attorneys are conducting last-ditch efforts to prove Allen’s innocence, including a request to exclude various records including mental health records and documentation from the Westville Correctional Facility where he has been held since November 2022.

Delphi murder suspect being led into courthouse, from FOX-59 in Indianapolis
Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen/FOX59

“Unfortunately, a lot of the filings have been kept confidential. We don’t know much. Some of those have been kept confidential in spite of no notice, of exclusion, from being filed with the filing,” Shay Hughes told WISH-TV. Hughes works for the public defender’s office in Tippecanoe County.

Hughes went on to tell WISH-TV that he’s been watching the Delphi murder case for a long time. He believes that it’s “unusual” to keep all documentation confidential, even in high-profile criminal cases like this one. This is just one of many elements that make the Delphi murder case so unique.

WISH-TV reports that Richard Allen’s hearing will span over the course of two days, June 15 and 16. The news outlet does not believe that the presiding judge will make a ruling during this time.

Central Indiana holds out hope for justice

Libby German and Abby Williams tragically lost their lives in February 2017. For many years after, the town of Delphi and the surrounding area prayed for answers and justice. That changed last fall when authorities arrested Richard Allen in connection to the murders.

Although Richard Allen remains innocent until proven guilty, the public remains hopeful that there will be justice for the girls.

As the legal case against Allen continues, more evidence may come to light. Many podcasters including The Murder Sheet have been covering the case for some time. They hope to shine light on the case and keep the public informed as new updates come to the surface.

Check back soon for updates on the Delphi murders and more true crime news.

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