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Murder & Horrifying Abuse Of 9-Year-Old Alfie Steele: Details

Trisha Faulkner

The horrifying details surrounding the abuse and murder of nine-year-old Alfie Steele are being made public after his mother and her fiance were guilty of ending this young child’s life.

Murder & Horrifying Abuse Of 9-Year-Old Alfie Steele: Details

A gut-wrenching story comes to an end after 35-year-old Carla Scott and her fiance Dirk Howell, 41, were found guilty for their roles in abusing and eventually killing nine-year-old, Alfie Steele.

Per The Sun, the young boy spent months on lockdown inside of his Droitwich, Worcestershire home as he suffered terrifying rounds of alleged abuse from his mother and her fiance.

Tragically, the lifeless body of Alfie Steele was removed from a bathtub after he reportedly suffered over 50 injuries at the hands of his mother and her fiance back in February 2021.

Two years later and young Alfie Steele finally has justice as his stepfather, Dirk Howell, was found guilty of his murder. His mother Carla Scott was also found guilty of manslaughter.

After spending a little over 10 hours deliberating, the jury determined Carla Scott was NOT guilty of murdering her son.

The Horrific Details Of Their Criminal Acts

During the court hearing, the jury listened as the prosecution shared some of the terrifying details of nine-year-old Alfie’s life with his mother and her fiance. Alfie Steele was reportedly beaten to death after suffering months of torture.

Both the mother and her fiance regularly hit the young child with belts, heavy-duty flip-flops, and various other items. And, they also utilized “more sinister forms of punishments” on the young child. In addition to being whipped frequently, the couple would also “dunk” Alfie in cold water as a form of punishment. Moreover, he was also forced to stand outside at night while the couple tossed water on him.

Some of his injuries were determined to be the result of “direct pressure” indicating that the couple also held the young child underwater from time to time as well.

Carla Scott started dating her fiance Dirk back in 2019. The duo were together for about six months before getting engaged. Neighbors reported life was not happy for Alfie with Dirk in the picture as concerns for his wellbeing were raised shortly after the couple got together.

His Room Was Dirty, Unlivable

Police report there was a dirty and disgustingly stained mattress on the floor in what was presumed to be Alfie’s room. There was no bedding for a child, a broken wardrobe, and a very sticky, dirty floor. Authorities, however, went on to report the downstairs living area and kitchen were spotless and well-maintained.

Police affirmed: “It was the polar opposite upstairs, it was a completely disheveled property.”

The couple are slated to be sentenced for their horrific crimes against the nine-year-old at a later time.

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