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Gabby Petito Parents Release New Abuse Pic Of Daughter

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The death of Gabby Petito was shocking to many. There have been so many twists and turns in this story and now it looks like there are more! Just recently, Gabby’s parents wanted to share a photo of their daughter. However, this photo was like no other. In fact, it is a selfie that they were sent by their daughter. Gabby’s face is very bruised in the photo and this definitely looks like abuse to them.

The Photo And Claims

Just recently, TMZ released the photo that Gabby Petito’s parents wanted to share with the world. Her family is still making claims that Brian Laundrie did kill her and that her death was wrongful. They feel that when the officers that pulled them over in Moab, Utah saw her face, they should have done something. This moment could have saved their daughter’s life.

Gabby’s family filed their wrongful death suit against the Moab Police Department because they did not intervene in order to protect her from Laundrie. Police pulled them over because of how strangely they were acting in their vehicle. By looking at the traffic cam, we could even see that she had injuries on her body. A police officer actually asked her about it. If they saw it, why would they not detain Laundrie?

Twists & Turns In Gabby Petito Case

Every day in this case has a new twist and turn. It was beginning to sound like a true crime novel. There were moments of fun and happiness for these two, but also domestic violence. The Petitos still feel as if they have some unanswered questions. They are seeking at least $50 million in damages for her wrongful death. They are hoping to hear someone tell them why Laundrie wasn’t detained when it was clear that Gabby was abused.

Gabby Petito - Brian Laundrie Youtube
Gabby Petito – Brian Laundrie Youtube

Things for Laundrie’s parents haven’t been easy since Gabby’s death and then his death. In fact, there are rumors about how they should have seen the signs from their son. Brian did commit suicide, which was another shock in this case. However, those who were watching it closely think that his parents knew more.

There was a missing gun in their home. They finally figured this out the same day that they reported him missing. Does this seem too coincidental? Of course, it is pretty obvious why he ended up killing himself. The death of Gabby Petito is still fresh on everyone’s mind, even in 2023.

What do you think about the case that Gabby’s family has against the Moab Police? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Stay with us at Entertainment Chronicle for more on this case.

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