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Roblox Glitch Messes Up Players Avatars, Not Loading?

Trisha Faulkner

Roblox has kicked off Labor Day weekend with a glitch that is messing with player avatars and preventing them from loading. Logging into Roblox, players are met with the dark grey band with white text that they never want to see. Typically, this only pops up in the Roblox app when the app is either going down for maintenance or there is some sort of problem. This time, the message was to warn players that Roblox was well aware of the current glitch messing with players’ avatars. The gaming app noted they are aware the glitch is causing player avatars not to load properly while playing games.

“Our team is actively working on it.” Roblox reassured before thanking players for their “continued patience” while they worked to fix the issue.

Roblox glitch messes up player avatars

The screenshot down below shows the warning message players are currently seeing when they login to the game. The screenshot also shows a few stills from the game Bloxburg to see what is currently happening to player avatars.

Roblox Glitch - Screenshot
Roblox Glitch – Screenshot

Presently, it does not appear as if the Roblox glitch is presenting any gameplay issues. Players are still able to log in to their accounts and play their favorite games. The downside is the glitch is preventing the avatars from loading properly. The glitch is causing all of the players to default to a “noob” avatar. Logging into a game, the avatar is shifting to a black “noob” avatar with a red and white outfit.

Resetting the character while in a game seems to revert the “noob” avatar to the yellow and blue “noob” avatar. It, however, does not appear that resetting your character in the game fixes the issue.

Wandering around various games, the glitch does not appear to be causing issues for all players. There, however, are a lot of players wandering around with “noob” characters as their avatars refuse to load properly.

How long has this been happening?

This Roblox glitch appears to be fairly new as players in games are taking to the chats asking what’s wrong and what’s going on with their avatars. Many players have also taken to Twitter to complain about Roblox being broken.

With many players wearing the exact same avatar, some games are a bit harder to play because everyone looks the same. Likewise, there are some issues with the default “noob” avatar not fitting very well into certain games. Likewise, many players have spent a fair amount of money on their avatars. And, they aren’t too happy about the glitch.

Not everyone, however, is upset about the glitch. Some think the glitch is pretty funny and would make a great joke on April Fool’s Day.

Is your avatar hindered by the current Roblox glitch? Let us know in the comments down below.

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