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Dog The Bounty Hunter Calls Off Brian Laundrie Manhunt, Why?

Jamie Colclasure

Dog the Bounty Hunter has decided to call off the search for Brian Laundrie. Dog whose real name is Duane Chapman interrupted his honeymoon to join in the manhunt. Laundrie has been the only person wanted as a person of interest in the death of his fiance Gabby Petito. What led to his decision to do so since he was determined to find Laundrie and bring him in?

Dog the Bounty Hunter ending Brian Laundrie search

The New York Post shared details about why Dog the Bounty Hunter is finished chasing Laundrie. On Wednesday, partial human remains were found in the Florida Carlton Reserve where the search has been going on for nearly a month. The remains were found in an area of the reserve that had previously been submerged in water. Along with the remains, a backpack and a notebook belonging to Brian Laundrie were found.

Chris and Roberta Laundrie were present for the search on Wednedsay. It was reportedly his father who found the backpack and notebook. Once the remains were discovered the coroner’s office was called in and a tent was set up in the area.

Chapman told the media the search for Laundrie was being called off. He said, “We are praying for Gabby’s family as yet another day ends with seemingly more questions than answers though it does seem the search for Brian is indeed over.”

While nobody has confirmed the remains belong to Brian Laundrie, Lyssa Chapman also sent a tweet that seemingly indicates they could be. Her tweet was addressed to Joseph Petito and pinned at the top of her page. She said, “Sending you strength and love today.

FBI and attorney for the Laundrie family made statements

Steven Bertolino, the attorney for the Laundrie family, told CNN that the “probability is strong” that the remains belong to Brian Laundrie. He also said that Chris and Roberta Laundrie would not be making a statement until forensic testing on the remains was complete. Bertolino also said, “It’s quite sad, you can imagine as a parent, finding your son’s belonging alongside the remains. That’s got to be heartbreaking. And I can tell you that they are heartbroken.”

As for their involvement in Brian’s disappearance, Chapman said, “There will be time to ask questions such as what was the extent of the Laundries’ involvement in aiding Brian. But now we wait.”

The FBI made a statement yesterday confirming they had found remains but stopped short of saying they belonged to Laundrie. They noted it would take several days to process the scene.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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