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Did Brian Laundrie’s Parents Help Him Fake & Stage His Death?

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Those following the Gabby Petito case aren’t buying Brian Laundrie’s death for one minute. Internet sleuths believe the discovery of partial human remains and Brian’s alleged possessions by his parents feels staged. Is it possible Brian Laundrie’s parents helped him fake and stage his death?

Gabby Petito Instagram
Gabby Petito Instagram

Human remains, Brian Laundrie’s possessions discovered

As we previously reported, possessions believed to belong to Brian Laundrie were discovered in the Florida Nature Reserve that was his last known location. Human remains were found near the possessions. No information has been released to confirm if the possessions actually belonged to Brian. Nor has any information been revealed to identify the partial human remains. Moreover, we don’t even know what exactly “partial human remains” means.

We do, however, know it was Brian Laundrie’s parents who decided to go into the reserve this morning and look for their son. It was Brian Laundrie’s parents who alerted the FBI after they discovered possessions and human remains nearby. According to authorities, the area was previously underwater.

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Did his parents help him fake his death?

Chatter on Twitter suggests internet sleuths aren’t buying the fact that Brian Laundrie’s parents ventured into the reserve and were able to do what authorities have not been able to do in five weeks. Moreover, those discussing the case argue Brian’s parents should have been more hesitant to leave the reserve after discovering what everyone thinks might have been their son’s body.

One individual questioned if it was “too farfetched” to think his parents would assist him in faking his own death.

Another individual noted it was awful convenient for his parents to find a body. In response to this tweet, another individual noted they doubted his parents would have murdered someone else and hid the body just to protect the body.

Admitting their theory is a bit insane, one individual suggests Brian searched the reserve until he found human remains. He planted his possessions near the human remains. Then, he called his parents and asked them to “find” the body. This individual told everyone “not to come for them” as they were mostly joking.

Another individual said they wouldn’t put it past Brian Laundrie to cut off a nonessential body part such as a finger or a toe just to fake his death.

Is Brian Laundrie still on the run?

Several others chimed in that they didn’t believe Brian was dead for one minute. And, they were NOT buying that his parents just decided to help search today after weeks of being uncooperative.

Do you think Brian Laundrie is dead? Or, do you think his parents may have helped him fake and stage his death to get authorities to stop looking for him?

Share your thoughts on this latest theory in the Gabby Petito case and the search for her fiance in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to Entertainment Chronicle for the latest.

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