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Brian Laundrie’s Attorney Blasts Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Hot Lead As ‘Baloney’

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Brian Laundrie’s attorney issued a statement on the hot lead Dog The Bounty Hunter claimed to have on his client. As we previously reported, Dog The Bounty Hunter took to multiple social media platforms to note he had a hot lead on Brian Laundrie. Dog proceeded to reveal he had uncovered a camping ground Brian and his parents booked reservations at TWICE during the month of September. Dog proceeded to explain footage confirms Brian and his parents entering the park, but only his parents leaving the park.

Dog The Bounty Hunter - Youtube
Dog The Bounty Hunter – Youtube

Brian Laundrie’s attorney issues statement on Dog’s hot lead

Speaking to reporter Jossie Carbonare via text message, Steven Bertolino answers questions about Dog The Bounty Hunter’s hot lead on the Laundrie family camping trip. Brian Laundrie’s attorney noted the hot lead and any conclusions being drawn from it were “baloney.”

That dog doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Laundries had reservations at the campground for September 1 to 3. They canceled those reservations and did not go to the park during that weekend although the dog says they did. They did go to that campground September 6 and 7 as a family and they all left together despite the claims of others. The following weekend Chris, Roberta and Brian went to other places on two different dates and the FBI is aware of this. So Brian obviously returned home after camping and what that dog is spewing is nothing but baloney.

Brian Laundrie Attorney

For those who haven’t followed Dog The Bounty Hunter’s side, he reported he caught Brian Laundrie on camera entering the campground with his parents on September 6th. But, he claims Brian did NOT leave the campground when his parents left. Dog noted the footage reveals just his parents leaving the campground.

Brian Laundrie’s attorney, however, is insisting this isn’t true. He described it as “baloney” and added “that dog doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

FBI Tweet Warrant Arrest Brian Laundrie


Theories on Dog The Bounty Hunter’s involvement

Now, there are a lot of theories on Dog The Bounty Hunter getting involved in the case. Some think it is just a publicity stunt. Some believe Dog is just hoping to rattle some cages and cause Brian to make mistakes as he scrambles. And, there are some who believe it is only a matter of time before Dog finds him.

Gabby Petito Memorial - Youtube
Gabby Petito Memorial – Youtube

The real question is: What are your thoughts on Dog The Bounty Hunter getting involved in the case? And, what do you think about Brian Laundrie’s attorney’s statement? Do you think Dog lied about the hot lead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the case.


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