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‘ 90 Day Fiance’: Danielle Jbali Loses Weight & Gets New Makeover

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90 Day Fiance star Danielle Mullins Jbali could be seen as one of the celebs that helped put 90 Day Fiance on the map. Danielle graced the screen on Season 2 with her then-husband Mohamed Jbali. Without a doubt, Danielle had one of the roughest times on the show.

Her husband made it clear he was going to get out of any kind of physical contact he could. Which led viewers to believe he was not in Ohio for the right reasons. Many believe he was only there for the green card. But he is definitely not the only one that we have seen on the TLC show to do this.

90 Day Fiance Bullied Online

Danielle Jbali has always been the center of teasing and bullying online. Some call her a stalker. Others worried that she had psychological problems. Especially after Danielle kept her ex-husband’s last name once divorced.

While other ex-wifes do this, this marriage lasted only a few short months. So, she confused fans as to her reason behind using “Jbali” as her permanent last name. She tried getting him deported and there was plenty of humiliation at the “Tell-All”.

Mohamed answered some questions a little too detailed for most people’s tastes. Some fans accused Danielle of stalking Mohamed. The show has shown Danielle tracking her ex down while she’s in a fit of anger.

danielle and mohamed wedding day


Always a Dark Auburn Danielle Jbali Gets Hair Makeover

Danielle is returning to TLC for another spinoff. This spinoff focuses on a few 90 Day Fiance women cast members who were unlucky in love. Danielle definitely fits that bill. She is known for her thick eyeglasses, red hair, and a few extra pounds.

But for her new spin-off, it seems Danielle got a whole new look below you can clearly see Danielle’s new long dark Brunette locks and face glow.

danielle jbali red dress


90 Day Fiance Danielle Has Shed Some Pounds Too

Danielle pushes a lot of weight loss products. They seem to be working – just look at how she accentuates her waist in the picture below. With her new hair and weight loss, it seems Danielle may actually get lucky in love on her new show.

The 90 Day Fiance celeb worked on herself since her ugly break up with Mohamed. Danielle actually went back to school and was accepted into nursing school. Recently she told her fans:” I am so excited, got my acceptance letter for a nursing program. This might not be the path that I wanted but I will reach my end goal.”


90 Day Fiance Where Are Danielle and Mohamed Now?

As Entertainment Chronicle reported Danielle and her ex Mohamed are now on speaking terms. They were recently spotted taping for her new TLC show.

Mohamed was seen taping in Ohio where Danielle lives. Her ex drives a big rig for mail service and he got his green card. It seems that both Danielle and Mohamed are doing great for themselves.


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