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‘OutDaughtered’: Latest Updates On Hazel Busby’s Busy Life

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OutDaughtered cutie Hazel Busby certainly has a way about her that has her father Adam wrapped around her tiny fingers. It’s not just her daddy either that the five-year-old has eating out of the palm of her hand. Most men in Hazel’s life seem smitten with her undeniable charm. Here’s a little update on the goings-on in Hazel’s life.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby Celebrates Her Boyfriend’s Birthday

OutDaughterd star Hazel Busby is the first of all her sisters to have a boyfriend. Recall Hazel’s teachers have shared she’s boy crazy. In fact, Hazel would rather sit next to a boy than a girl in class. So last season we learned her boyfriend was named Graham. He’s the tallest boy in class. Hazel doesn’t care if she’s teased. She likes having a boyfriend and can take all the jabs from her family.


A week before the OutDaughterdd quints headed off to school they celebrated Hazel’s boyfriend’s birthday. Graham turned five. So Hazel’s man is younger. However, it’s more like a harmless crush. So Hazel’s parents aren’t too worried. Plus Graham is the son of close family friends. So it’s nothing either family is losing sleep over. However, Uncle Dale warns his favorite niece to leave some space for Jesus between her and Graham and she’s not allowed to date till she’s 30.

School’s Back In Session For Hazel and The Quints

OutDaughterd quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and Hazel Busby started kindergarten this week. They live in Texas and their state allows in-person learning. The girls really need to be in school with live teachers and interacting with their friends and peers. Danielle and Adam Busby were reluctant home school teachers when COVID-19 forced the abrupt closure if schools across the nation. They are thrilled their kids will be back in a classroom and not learning at their dining room table. Big sis Blayke Busby starts fourth grade next month. This school year is definitely not your average. Danielle says she’s bummed the girls will have such an “unfun” start to their kindergarten experience.


The Outdaughtered sisters picked out their own outfits for their first day. They choose beautiful long flowy floral dresses with brown  Mary Janes. This wasn’t the outfit their mom envisioned. But who has the strength to argue with five five-year-old girls determined to get their way? The picture above shows how cute they looked for their first day. However, the backpacks they’ve got one are not yet allowed in the school. But Danielle says she couldn’t wait to give them to her daughters.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby Visits With Eye Surgeon

Last week OutDaughterd star Hazel Busby had her much-anticipated follow-up appointment with her eye surgeon. As last season was ending Hazel’s parents felt her eyes were worsening. They had an appointment scheduled, but due to COVID-19, it was canceled. However, they did have a telemedical appointment that eased their concerns and allowed them to feel better while they waited for an in-person appointment.


It was good news for Hazel at the doctor’s. The appointment went well. So the pint-sized red-haired cutie will not need a second surgery at this time. A huge sigh of relief for the Busbys. And since Miss Hazel Basil has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger, to celebrate she convinced them she deserved gumbo. Of course, her folks let her have whatever she wanted. It was a celebration in her honor after all.

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