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‘OutDaughtered’: Quints Start Kindergarten – Done With Homeschooling

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OutDaughtered parents Danielle Busby and Adam Busby’s adorable quintuplets are officially starting kindergarten. It’s certainly been a long six months since the coronavirus took over the world and Danielle and Adam became reluctant home school teachers to their six daughters.

Now as summer winds down, all the Busby daughters are ready to be back in school. Finally, the girls will be able to learn in a proper educational environment and have the necessary social interactions with other children their own age.

OutDaughtered: Danielle & Adam’s Quints Start Kindergarten

OutDaughtered cuties Ava, Olivia, Parker, Hazel, and Riley Busby are starting the next chapter in their lives today. It’s hard to believe these girls we watched all these years are officially in kindergarten. No doubt it’s not the usual first day of school for them. But at least they are able to have the first day in school and not start the next chapter in their education from the family’s dining room table.

This is a bittersweet day, especially for Danielle Busby. She’s having a hard time grasping her five little miracles are already kindergarteners. They’ve certainly come along way from the NICU. They have grown so much and Danielle cannot hide her enthusiasm and pride. Danielle does feel some sadness that this school year is such an “unfun” way to start kindergarten. However, she excited they’ll be getting out of the house and be around friends. No doubt the girls will have lots of stories to share with their parents tonight around the dinner table.

Quints Chose Their Own Back To School Outfits

The Outdaughtered quints are very opinionated especially when it comes to their wardrobe. Danielle and Adam are sure in for a whirlwind as they get closer to those tween years and teen years. So, of course, they had their own ideas of what they wanted to wear for their first day of school. They selected their favorite long floral twirl dresses with brown leather Mary Jane shoes.

Of course, their mom had a totally different outfit planned for the girls today. However, who’s gonna waste time arguing with five determined daughters? No doubt these ladies will be the most stylish five years olds at their school. Plus, since their mom runs a clothing boutique, so all the cool kids in their class can get their parents to order this dress online. Heck, the boutique is even having a huge sale.

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby Still At Home

OutDaughtered big sister Blayke Busby’s first day of school is still a month away. Blayke is in the fourth grade. Her school year starts in mid-September. Danielle says it’s a weird school year for them this year thanks to COVID.

The quints will have their first day of public school all to their own. So, while they’re off getting their education on, Blayke and Danielle will get to enjoy a little one-on-one mommy-daughter time.

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