90 Day Fiance- Lisa Shops on Usman's Dime
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’90 Day Fiance’: Lisa Hamme Sweeps Up 26K of Usman’s Money – Buys a Third Car and More

90 Day Fiance celeb Baby Girl Lisa Hamme seems a bit lavish with wads of Usman’s cash including buying a new car as he faces an empty bank account. Today Lisa flaunts her new ride and shares photos. Usman can only post his unhappiness.

An image of Usman’s check from the Cameo videos that he did acts as evidence to over $26,000 gone. It looks like Baby Girl Lisa did a grownup move of a scorned wife. In one post below, it’s easy to see Usman’s check has Lisa’s name on it.

90 Day Fiance: Baby Girl Lisa – American Woman Scorned?

Usman became a 90 Day Fiance victim for many of the viewers. Especially after the way that Lisa Hamme treated him. Seeing Lisa reap all the benefits of a windfall at Usman’s expense has churned anger among the fans of the TLC reality series.

Lisa supplied photos online of her on the road to a shopping trip. But she also posted a picture of her new car. Then she rubbed Usman’s nose into the situation just a wee bit more.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme - Takes Usman's Money

She shared with the 90 Day Fiance followers a long list of expenses. These expenses are what it cost Usman to be her husband. This aspiring rap star from Nigeria had no way of knowing this entire Baby Girl Lisa ordeal would end up like this.

Fans Think She Should Ride Broom

After all the bragging she did to the followers of 90 Day Fiance, they offered ideas on what she should do next. One fan got a ton of likes for suggesting she get back on the broom she rode in on and ride back out.

More than one fan had that broom theme going for Baby Girl Lisa, who doesn’t appear to show any shame in what she did. Apparently she feels she’s entitled to everything he owns because they are married.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Spends Usman's Money


You can see in one of her posts above how she considers this karma. But she doesn’t have too many viewers from 90 Day Fiance agreeing with her today.

90 Day Fiance: How Did She Get His Money?

Usman Umar is from Nigeria so when he did the Cameo videos the money needed to go to someone in the US, or so the story goes. So the check was endorsed to Lisa Hamme who apparently promised her husband she would make sure he got it.

Well, it looks like he got it alright. He got what they call here in America – the shaft.

90 Day Fiance - Usman Umar and His Lost Money

It doesn’t look too distressing for Lisa to take all Usman’s money. She even offered up a public bill for the cash she allegedly took from Usman. Some 90 Day Fiance fans think this is a good lesson for Usman. But others think he did his fair share of underhandedness as well as Lisa.

Lisa Hamme was decades older than Usman. He acts like such a gentleman but the fans see Baby Girl Lisa as a bit crass. As one commenter suggested, he had a good following in Nigeria with his music. As an up-and-coming rap star, he had his pick of girls.

So, some viewers who watched them on 90 Day Fiance, see a not so hidden agenda for Usman. Some feel that he saw Lisa as his ticket to the US where he thought he could go global with his music.

It sounds like the next step for this 90 Day Fiance duo – divorce. Lisa walks away with thousands of dollars while Usman has what he had when he started this. She wins – he loses nothing that he didn’t have before Lisa came in like a whirlwind.

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