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’90 Day Fiance’ Jon Walters and Rachel Bear Unrecognizable in Throwback Photos

90 Day Fiance alums Rachel Bear Walters and Jon Walters are back on TLC’s radar once again. The controversial reality couple we first met on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season 2 is now appearing on another TLC franchise spinoff  What Now?

Fans, of course, are excited to see what the long-distance married couple has been up to since the cameras stopped filming their lives. So with a renewed curiosity in these two, new pictures surfaced of Mr. and Mrs. Walters long before they knew each other. The pictures are quite shocking. In fact, you can say they look completely unrecognizable to how they look today.

90 Day Fiance – Rachel Bear Walters and Jon Walters Still An Ocean Apart

90 Day Fiance stars Rachel Bear Walters and her husband Jon Walters are married. However, they’re still living an ocean apart. Jon is still in England while Rachel is back in the USA. The spousal visa process is taking a long time for the couple to get through. Jon’s past legal issues is a huge barrier to overcome. So with that extra hurdle also comes a hefty cost. The pair raised the necessary funds and applied for a spousal visa.

However, as we learn on 90 Day Fiance: What Now? there’s another obstacle that could halt Jon’s entrance to the US. Rachel lost her job. So now she’s unable to financially sponsor Jon. That means even if his visa is approved with his long-ago past indiscretions, her financial situation is an immediate denial. Plus, if denied the couple would need to start from square one and that means another $11,000 in fees. The future of their long-distance marriage hangs in the balance.

Rachel and Jon Walters Back In The Day Pictures Surface

Reality stars Rachel Bear Walters and Jon Walters sure look completely different these days. TLC recently released throwback pictures of many of their franchise celebrities. Looking at the pictures of Jon Walters and his now-wife Rachel in the pictures below it’s hard to believe these two are the same people. In fact, one could say they look completely unrecognizable.


90 Day Fiance – What’s Next For Rachel and Jon?

The Walters will be spending an extended time apart in 2020. The visit that TLC filmed for What Now? sadly is the last time Rachel had planned to see Jon. Without an income from her job, she was unable to make her mid-year visit. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, even if she was able to swing the costs, international travel is currently halted. Rachel and Jon have a strong bond and true love. Hopefully, these two will be another 90 Day Fiance success story.

Catch new episodes of What Now? Mondays at 10 pm on TLC.

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