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’90 Day Fiance’: Rachel Bear and Jon Walters Return – Watch Them In ‘What Now’

Rachel Bear Walters and Jon Walters seemed like the perfect 90 Day Fiance couple who were never tainted by fame or the TLC cameras. These two had nothing but each other on their minds when Rachel made her first trip to the UK to meet Jon in person.

Rachel’s angelic baby girl Lucy melted the viewers’ hearts. So did Jon when he formed such a great bond with the child who would eventually become his step-daughter.

90 Day Fiance: What Now – Rachel Bear Walters and Husband Jon Walters Are Back

They’ve stayed out of the spotlight for a while now just enjoying the little time they have together these days. But that changes as Jon and Rachel join the 90 Day Fiance cast for What Now.

These two married and then immediately took on the overwhelming task of attempting to get Jon a spousal visa. Jon, Rachel, and Lucy were a fan favorite trio but short-lived on the screen. They didn’t come back to the TLC series.

Neither Jon or Rachel were in this for the fame that came along with 90 Day Fiance. So they didn’t have that craving to return like so many others have demonstrated. But fans are now in luck as this couple is featured on What Now.

Spousal Visa Trouble – Now This?

Monday night, April 20th, TLC rolls out a new season of What Now with Rachel and her long-distance husband, Jon, as one of the featured couples. This popular duo will draw fans to living rooms around the nation.

Many of the 90 Day Fiance followers miss these two. So, without a doubt, fans will take this chance to watch their return to the TLC screen. When Mr. and Mrs. Walters return they’re still facing problems as Rachel is in Albuquerque, New Mexico without Jon.

Fans remember the roadblock they faced when we last saw this couple. Jon’s criminal record presents a problem for the spousal visa they need. After saving up $11,000 for the legal fees needed to work on this problem, another roadblock suddenly clogged this journey.

90 Day Fiance: What Now  – Jon and His Wife Rachel Find Happiness Through Their Struggles

It seems Rachel lost her job. But she needs to show she can financially support Jon until he secures work in the US. After seven years with the same workplace, she finds herself unemployed. Now Rachel is unable to show a source of finances they’ll need to get Jon home with her in New Mexico.

Since last seeing this couple, Rachel visits Jon twice a year in the UK. Her last trip was in December and as you can see, they look so happy when they’re together.

All those problems aside, Jon Walters and his bride Rachel Bear Walters will update their happy times and their struggles for the fans on 90 Day Fiance – What Now. So, make sure to find a seat in front of the TV when it rolls out on TLC Monday night April 20th at 9 pm EST.

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