Josie Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @josie_balka Instagram
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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Josie Bates Ditches ‘Effortless Beauty’?

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Bringing Up Bates star Josie Bates Balka has been sharing positive updates about her family. The 24-year-old mom often uploads clips and pictures from her bonding moments with Kelton and their kids. The married couple welcomed their child last February. This also means that Josie and Kelton would need to work even harder for their growing family. However, some Redditors noticed that the tenth Bates child seemingly ditched her own business. Keep reading to see the shocking discovery.

Bringing Up Bates: Josie Bates’ Latest Journey

Josie has been keeping her followers in touch throughout her life as a mother of three. But the Bringing Up Bates star never forgets to take care of herself. Earlier this month, Josie impressed her followers after uploading a clip of herself going all out at the gym. According to Kelton’s wife, she felt good to be able to move her body again after giving birth to Miles. “But mama is gonna be sore haha!” she added. Many fans also cheered for Josie and hoped that she’d continue to share her journey. Aside from her physical goals, some Redditors also speculate that she may be making changes to her career.

Josie Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Effortless Beauty YouTube
Josie Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Effortless Beauty YouTube

Josie Ditches Effortless Beauty?

Some Redditors discussed the possibility that Josie is ditching her business, Effortless Beauty. According to the poster, they discovered that the page has a new photo of the “team” working in Effortless Beauty. But they noticed that Josie Bates Balka wasn’t in the picture. It’s also notable that the Bringing Up Bates star hasn’t uploaded any vlogs regarding her business for quite some time. But others think Josie was just able to hire more people so she could focus more on her growing family. Her IG bio also states that she’s still the co-owner of the company.

Josie Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Reddit
Josie Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Reddit
  • “I mean…if she has hired enough artists to work for her while she can just manage and stay home, it’s better for her lifestyle overall.”
  • “This is a good point, she may be more focused on running the business. I think this is the ultimate goal for most business owners.”
  • “My stylist (not a fundie), who owns the salon, recently said the exact same words to me “I’m no longer available for booking”. She has enough staff that she, at a young age with young children, can do the same thing.”
  • “She just had a baby… she’s probably taking time off.”
  • “She may be taking time off but that doesn’t explain why she wouldn’t be in a “team photo” and why a client would told she’s no longer available after July. I suppose they don’t owe askers a full explanation but it seems like more than time off if she’s “no longer available” and not included in a team photo.”
  • “This is interesting because i think grace and josie were equal partners? even if josie were doing more behind the scenes work, i would think she would still be in the photo as part of the team.”

Bringing Up Bates: Josie Bates & Kelton Balka’s Latest Project

Josie and Kelton have also been sharing clips and pictures from their cooking session. The Bringing Up Bates stars are currently endorsing recipes on a cooking website. There are also speculations that the married couple may be aiming to make their own cooking show similar to Zach Bates’ YouTube channel. Josie Bates Balka also uses Instagram as a platform to teach women how to treat their hair.

Josie Bates & Kelton Balka From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @josie_balka Instagram
Josie Bates & Kelton Balka From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @josie_balka Instagram

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