Alyssa Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From the Webster Family YouTube
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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Worry For Alyssa Bates’ New ‘Massive’ Tradition

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Bringing Up Bates star Alyssa Bates Webster is back with a new vlog featuring some updates about her family. The 29-year-old mom has been living happily with her five children. Her youngest child, Rhett, is about to have a big birthday party. However, it seems that the sixth Bates child has bigger plans for her girls, which may end up as a yearly tradition, worrying many fans. Keep reading to see Alyssa’s latest goals.

Bringing Up Bates: Alyssa Bates Shares Heartwarming Clip With Rhett

In an Instagram post, Alyssa shared an adorable clip of Rhett reacting to her whisper. “Whispering “I Love You” in my 11 month olds ear to see his reaction. My heart can’t take it!!!” the Bringing Up Bates star captioned. It’s clear to see that John Webster’s wife is enjoying her life as a mother. She used to work with her husband’s business of cleaning commercial buildings. She also worked part-time at Pots and Petals Florist in Lake City, TN, as a teen. But it seems that Alyssa is putting much of her attention on her kids today and hustles through online endorsements and uploading YouTube vlogs. However, the former reality TV personality caught the attention of many with her recent video.

Fans Worry About Alyssa’s Big Plans For Her Kids

Some Reddit users reacted to Alyssa’s last vlog with her family. She started the video by sharing her plans for Rhett’s first birthday. But the Bringing Up Bates star raised some eyebrows after revealing her “massive” plans for her daughters. According to Alyssa Bates Webster, she’s planning to celebrate all of her daughters’ birthdays in just a single day. “All four girls, for one party,” she added. Some Redditors feel sad for the girls as their chance to get celebrated annually was taken from them.

Alyssa Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From the Webster Family YouTube
Alyssa Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From the Webster Family YouTube
  • “I hope they dont do this every year because its the one day they get all the attention and now they have to loose that because of the golden boy ..Allie was really happy because she got to invite a friend from coop.”
  • “When your annual chance to be celebrated as an individual expires when you’re only 3.”
  • “She’s pathetic! How shitty to do that to her daughters, especially the oldest who gets treated like a babysitter, a teenager she never gets to enjoy anything! At least KJ anf gil took the kids out for their birthday separately!”
  • “I feel so sorry for those girls, but especially Allie. Poor little girl.”
  • “Of course, she is lumping all the girls together while her precious boy gets his own party, because you know a one year old will totally remember his birthday unlike Allie who will be 9.”

Bringing Up Bates: When Is Rhett Webster’s Birthday?

Rhett will celebrate his first birthday on March 18, 2024. According to Alyssa, Rhett will have a birthday celebration of his own, and she has already finalized the theme for his party. The Bringing Up Bates star added that she ordered tons of items online to prepare for her son’s birthday, and she can’t wait to show them to her fans.

Alyssa Bates' Son Rhett Webster, Sourced From the Webster Family YouTube
Alyssa Bates’ Son Rhett Webster, Sourced From the Webster Family YouTube

Alyssa Bates Webster also revealed that Rhett now has two teeth on the bottom and another two are starting to grow on the top. “He’s like all of a sudden turned into like from a baby it seems like to a toddler overnight,” she added.

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