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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Think Kody’s Divorces Are Blessings For The Kids

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been criticized multiple times for how he treated his kids. His relationship with them got more complicated when three of his wives left. However, some Redditors think the 55-year-old’s divorces may be a blessing in disguise for some of his children. Keep reading to see why some people think the Brown kids benefited from the separations.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Struggles With Some Of His Kids

TLC documented Kody’s struggles with some of his kids throughout the years. But things got worse between him and his sons, Gabriel and Garrison, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The brothers didn’t like their father’s strict social distancing rules and proceeded to hang out with their friends outdoors. The Brown family patriarch didn’t like it, resulting in his nasty feud with the two. It even came to a point where the Sister Wives star forced Janelle to kick out the boys and apologize to Robyn following Gabriel’s accusations that the fourth wife was behind the strict rules.

Gabriel Garrison Kody Instagram
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Fans Think Kody’s Divorces Are Blessings For The Kids

Despite their struggles with Kody, Gabriel and Garrison remained positive in life. They focused more on themselves, and many are impressed by the kind of person they have become today, even without their dad’s guidance. Some Reddit users even think that most of the Brown kids benefited from their dad’s absence and divorces.

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  • “They have, somewhat surprisingly, turned out to be a really successful, seemingly happy, group of young adults and I love that for them so, so, very much after we’ve all watched them, for ten years, as they had to endure what must have been an exceptionally stressful childhood at times.”
  • “And all this was only possible because they accidentally escaped their cult. Had they never went public, all those girls would have been sad wives to some aub a****e.”
  • “And Kody hates the fact that what you said is all true. They’re all light years ahead of him.”

Meanwhile, some believe that the mothers played a significant role in some of their kids’ success and kind personalities today. Many Sister Wives fans were also surprised by Gabriel’s maturity during Christine’s wedding special, in which he said that the Brown family was back during the nuptials.

Sister Wives: What Did Kody Brown Do For His 55th Birthday?

Kody celebrated his birthday on January 17. It’s unclear what the Sister Wives star did for his big day. But nobody from the Brown family mentioned him on social media during his birthday. Meri also made headlines after announcing her new boyfriend to the public on her birthday, which was only a day before her ex-husband’s birthday.

Kody Ariella Instagram
Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Kody Brown was called out after forgetting about the birthday of his son, Gabriel, in October 2021. According to Janelle’s son, it was the last time he ever talked to his dad. But the father of 18 expressed his intention to fix his relationship with Gabriel and Garrison last season. He even apologized to them and hopes that they’ll open their hearts to him soon.

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