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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle & Christine Brown Expose The Monster In Kody

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Sister Wives stars Christine and Janelle Brown are taking further steps to expose their ex-husband, Kody. The latest episode of Tell-All showed that they’re no longer holding back when it comes to talking about his bad sides. The duo has also participated in multiple interviews in New York recently. One of their discussions also caught the attention of many, as the former sister wives addressed the patriarch’s anger issues. Keep reading to see what they think was the reason behind his aggressive behavior.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Poor Relationships With His Kids

Christine and Janelle talked about Kody’s poor relationships with some of his kids during one of their interviews in NYC. According to the former third wife, he’s responsible for his relationship with the kids, and he should fix it. She’s even willing to facilitate in order for her children to get closer to their biological father. Janelle also agreed and hoped that things would soon heal between Kody and his estranged children, especially Gabriel and Garrison.

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Kody Putting The Blame On Others

Instead of fixing his relationships with the kids, Christine and Janelle believe that Kody is only making things worse by distancing himself from them. Furthermore, the Sister Wives star thinks he chose to blame the kids instead of seeing his own mistakes.

Sister Wives Kody Brown YouTube
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The ex-wives also discussed Kody’s claims during the first part of the Tell-All about them painting him bad to the family. “I think he’s trying to find fault because he’s not liking things that are happening in his life. So he’s trying to find fault with other people,” Christine said. Janelle agreed and added, “I feel bad that he feels like that. But it does feel like he’s trying to find a reason.”

Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Finally Take Responsibility?

Kody has yet to show any signs of reconciling with some of his estranged children, especially Garbriel and Garrison. He has already apologized to them but claimed that they kept their doors closed for him. The upcoming episodes of Tell-All also show no signs of peace between him and his ex-wives.

Sister Wives The Browns YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

He’s been seen with some of his kids only a couple of times during big celebrations this year such as Savanah’s high school graduation in May and Gwendlyn’s wedding in July, and some fans think it’s not enough. Aside from his problems with the kids, he’s also dealing with a property dispute with Meri and Janelle, as they believe he failed to split Coyote Pass equally. There are also speculations that the California native might release a Tell-All book to expose her ex-husband once and for all.

The second episode of Tell-All will premiere on Sunday, December 3, 2023, on TLC. If you are looking for more Sister Wives news, come back to Entertainment Chronicle for all your updates.

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