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Is Kody Brown Still Trying With Janelle, Gabriel & Garrison Today?

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Sister Wives Season 18 featured the downfall of the Brown family since Christine’s departure. Kody has been struggling to bring his family back together, especially Janelle and some of their kids. He has also admitted his estrangement from Gabriel and Garrison, which is something he regrets. However, things may have been different behind the cameras due to the show’s delayed timeline. Keep reading to see if the patriarch is still chasing Janelle, Gabriel, and Garrison today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Determination To Reconcile With Janelle

During the latest episode of Season 18, Kody acknowledged that his exes are no longer interested in making things work. But he claims that he’s still trying to reconcile and fix his marriage, especially with Janelle. In one of his interviews, the Sister Wives star revealed he asked his former second wife about the problem and why they couldn’t just reconcile. He said that she had issues being around Robyn and Meri. However, it seems that he misunderstood what his ex-wife meant as she told the cameras that she didn’t want to nurture a relationship with them if they were not together.

Kody Janelle Instagram
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Janelle also shared her side and told the cameras that Kody never comes to her to say, “Hey, I love you. I miss you. I want to get this back together.” According to the 54-year-old mother, it’s all about asking her to get back to the family so that his life can run smoothly again. Despite the difficulties, the Wyoming native said that he’ll ask her again next week. “It’s painful every time. Maybe I should get more serious about it. But every time it’s like, Nope,” he added.

Kody Remains In Touch With Janelle Behind Cameras

With Kody getting serious about reconciling with Janelle in the show, many are curious if the same thing is still happening behind the cameras. There have been instances where the two have met. In May, the proud father attended his daughter Savanah’s high school graduation, where his ex-wife and some of their kids were present. The two also reconnected earlier this year to pay off two parcels of Coyote Pass. Janelle Brown has yet to share if they have already reconciled. Though it seems they’re on good terms, but not in any romantic relationship at this point.

Kody Savanah Instagram
Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Still Have No Communications With Gabriel & Garrison?

Kody is still hoping to get over the tension between him and his sons, Gabriel and Garrison. He revealed in the latest episode that he hasn’t been in touch with the siblings, and he’s sad about the current state of their relationships. “Right now, there’s not really an open door with Gabe and Garrison, They’re not willing to engage me,” the Sister Wives star added.

Gabriel Garrison Kody Instagram
Photo Credit: @robertthebrown Instagram

It also appears that nothing has changed behind the cameras. Gabriel and Garrison are still out of touch with their father. They haven’t mentioned him on any occasions this year, despite their online activity. Kody has already apologized for his actions. He has been in touch with the other kids, and fans are hoping that his ninth and eighth children will soon open their doors to him again.

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