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‘Sister Wives’: Fans Want Janelle Brown Away From Kody’s Abuse

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Sister Wives stars Kody and Janelle Brown had one of the biggest fights of their married lives. The patriarch is attempting to fix everything between them in the latest episode. But it seems the 54-year-old wife is struggling to see her ex’s sincerity to be her husband again. There are also discussions among fans about why Janelle should escape Kody. Keep reading to see why she should let go of him for good.

Sister Wives: Kody & Janelle Brown’s Relationship No Longer Has Spark

Janelle has been having doubts about what to do with Kody. Things are no longer the same between them since their big fight. Some fans also think they have reached the point of no return. There was an attempt to reignite their relationship when Kody brought Janelle out on her birthday. But things were just awkward between them, and some Sister Wives fans thought the love was gone. Regardless, there are still hesitations from the former second wife when it comes to confirming her divorce.

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Kody Continues To Disrespect Janelle

Aside from the lack of spark, Kody has also received criticism for how he disrespected Janelle throughout the years, which is also something she’s aware of. Others also believe that he took advantage of her kindness. Instead of arguing, she often ends up as his counselor and doesn’t receive any blame, despite his lack of effort for her and their children.

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Many Sister Wives fans were also upset by how Kody didn’t provide a house for Janelle when they moved to Flagstaff and when she left her rental house, which ultimately led to her life in an RV. But the mother of six made it clear that it was a choice she made. She continues to remain graceful for him despite his obvious favoritism towards Robyn, who often receives all the blessings.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Is Fine Without The Other Wives

Janelle has also been thriving in life despite not receiving any support from the other wives, especially Robyn and Meri. However, she’s been going strong with Christine, and they presently work together at a drink supplement company. The Sister Wives star also revealed in Season 18 that she would be fine having no contact with the first and fourth wives.

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Kody Brown has also accused Christine of manipulating Janelle into leaving. But it seems he couldn’t see his own mistakes, which made her unhappy. She also revealed in the latest episode that her mind may change if Kody starts treating her like a real wife. However, it appears things didn’t work out for them as they continue to live apart behind cameras.

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  1. Kody SHOULD want Janelle back. She helped support the whole clan when she was the only one working. He’d like to have her paycheck now, and now that most or all of her kids are no longer living with Janelle, he’s be on Easy Street. Not that he needs it so much now with everyone getting big bucks from TLC.

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