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‘Sister Wives’: How’s Gabriel Brown Amid Parents’ Split?

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Sister Wives star Gabriel Brown has been quiet on social media. Fortunately, Janelle has kept the fans in touch regarding his life. The 21-year-old received the sympathy of many due to his heartbreaking relationship with Kody. However, the patriarch’s ninth child is trying his best to live his best life despite the recent fallout of the Brown family. Keep reading to see what he’s up to today.

Sister Wives: Where Is Gabriel Brown Studying?

Gabriel is currently studying at Northern Arizona University. Not much is known about the course he took. The Sister Wives star attended NAU in 2020. He’s currently living in Flagstaff and often spends time with Janelle and his siblings. It’s been quite some time since he last shared an update. But fans have seen his relationship with Kody hit a new low last season.

Gabriel Savanah Janelle Instagram
Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

Gabriel’s Estrangement From Kody

Gabriel made headlines last season after hitting a new low with his father. Kody forgot about his son’s birthday, leaving the kid devastated. Janelle’s son even revealed that he hasn’t had any contact with his dad since the COVID stuff. On October 11 last year, Mother Janelle shared sweet clips and pictures from her son’s 21st birthday celebration.

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Kody Brown has already expressed regrets on how he treated the kids, especially Janelle’s sons. Gabriel chose to see Payton during his father’s strict social distancing rules, while Garrison continued seeing his friends. Furthermore, Christine revealed that some of the kids, including the estranged brothers, have been upset with their dad for how they treated their mothers. The father of 18 remained silent regarding his status with Gabriel and Garrison. Though he has shown efforts to celebrate some of his kids’ big milestones this year, such as Savanah’s high school graduation and Gwendlyn’s wedding.

Sister Wives: Is Gabriel Brown In A Relationship?

Gabriel was criticized by his father for having a girlfriend and seeing her during the pandemic. However, the Sister Wives star made it clear that her significant other is a cautious and conservative person. There’s not a lot known about the girl. But Janelle’s son made headlines after a photo of himself with a girl sitting on his lap surfaced, creating speculation that she’s the woman everyone has been curious about.

Sister Wives Gabriel Brown Instagram
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Gabriel Brown has also made appearances in Season 18. During Episode 4, he revealed feeling neglected by Kody. He also added that his dad wasn’t the same engaged and loving father as he was. Regardless, he never seemed to have grudges over his dad and only wanted to feel his love again.

The 7th episode of Season 18 will air on October 1st, 2023, on TLC. If you are looking for more Sister Wives news, come back to Entertainment Chronicle for all your updates.

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