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Fans Slam Kody Brown Of Using Dog To Blame Christine

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been criticized multiple times for how he treated his wives. After their nasty split, he admitted that he was never truly in love with Christine. The 54-year-old has also blamed the former third wife for bringing down the family. However, some Reddit users think the patriarch has broken the hearts of his now ex-wives for a long time. One of them was even using a dog to throw shade at Christine. Keep reading to see what the Redditors have to say about the incident.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Negative Comments To Christine

Kody has made some controversial comments about his ex-wives, especially Christine. Some of his negative remarks to his ex-wife seemed out of line for some. At one point, the Sister Wives star said he didn’t care if she left. He admitted that he was initially hurt by their split. But now, he just wanted her to stop “trash-talking” him to their children. He even stated that he “didn’t know” better when it came to marrying Christine, implying that he regrets their marriage. He even once accused her of having a “snotty attitude” following her comments to their wedding band as “noose.”

Sister Wives Robyn Kody
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Fans Recall Kody’s Shady Reaction About Getting A Dog

Some Reddit users recalled an old episode in which Janelle and Kody Brown talked about Christine getting a dog for her daughter, Gwendlyn. Robyn previously claimed that she wants one as well, but she doesn’t want to go against Kody. Janelle suggested that he should “just bring it home.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown Christine Janelle
Photo Credit: Reddit

However, the Sister Wives star responded with, “Yeah, cause a rift in your marriage for the rest of eternity by bringing a dog home,” while Christine was on the far side of the couch. The Reddit poster even noticed how sad she looked after her husband’s negative remarks.

  • “He’s worried they’ll find out that what they really needed was a dog, not a husband.”
  • “Funny how he didn’t have a problem with dogs until Robyn came along.”
  • “And how even after that, Kody’s second favorite wife Janelle was able to keep dogs.”
  • “But Janelle didn’t cause an eternal rift by having dogs? And Robyn is full of s**t because she said previously that she didn’t like animals, dogs included iirc, because she “doesn’t do germs”. She just said that as a dig at Christine.”

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Happy For Christine Now?

Some fans were surprised to see Kody and Robyn’s screen time during the first episode of Christine’s wedding special. The married couple wasn’t at the nuptials. But they expressed their happiness for Christine. According to Kody, he’s happy that his ex-wife finally found her soulmate. “Christine said to our children, ‘Dad has his soulmate. I’m going to go look for mine.’ And so I’m like, she says she’s found her soulmate, and I’m happy for her for that fact,” the Sister Wives star said.

Sister Wives Kody Robyn Brown
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Some also think that he’s sincerely happy that things are finally over between them. Meanwhile, some speculated that Robyn is still having a hard time moving on and even threw some shady comments by saying, “I hope Christine and David can be happy,” instead of a proper wish for the newlyweds.

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