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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s Kids Open Up About Polygamy

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been making headlines following the first episode of her wedding special with David Woolley. TLC has also released multiple clips for the second episode, and many are excited for what’s about to come. One of the latest sneak peeks was about some of Christine’s kids opening up about their thoughts on polygamy. Keep reading to see what they think of their mother’s past lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Didn’t Invite Robyn, Kody, and Meri?

Kody, Robyn, and Meri weren’t invited to Christine and David’s wedding. But despite not being part of the big day, the three were still able to get some screentime in the special. The Brown family patriarch expressed his happiness for his former third wife. However, there are speculations that Robyn still hasn’t moved on and even threw a shady comment during the first episode by saying, “I hope Christine and David can be happy,” instead of a proper wish for the newlyweds. On the other hand, Meri said she was “really happy” that Christine finally found peace after her nasty split with Kody.

Christine Brown Wedding
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Christine’s Kids Share Their Opinions About Polygamy

During the episode two preview of Christine’s wedding special, Aspyn and Ysabel shared their opinions about polygamy. According to Aspyn, she believes polygamy is not good for everyone. “It wasn’t good for my mom, in the end. It was good for her for a while, and then she needed something different,” the Sister Wives star added.

Aspyn Brown
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Meanwhile, Ysabel said that she would never want to live in polygamy. However, she clarified that she’s thankful for all the siblings plural marriage gave her. “It’s amazing, and so many moms. It’s really fun, but I don’t think I’d want that for my kids,” she added. Christine’s fifth child went through a lot of pain during their days with the Brown family. At one point, she was brokenhearted after Kody decided not to come to her major back surgery in New Jersey.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Believes Things Haven’t Been Healthy Between Her Parents

Mykelti also opened up about Christine and Kody’s situation way before they moved to Flagstaff. According to the Sister Wives star, their polygamous lifestyle began to shift when they were still in Las Vegas, suggesting that their move from Utah to Nevada brought so many problems.

Mykelti Brown
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Nevertheless, she’s happy for her mother and David. “My mom’s last year with David has really been incredible; it’s been everything that my mom deserves, everything that she’s ever wanted, so it’s more of an obvious tell that something was wrong from the beginning if it’s so perfect now,” she added.

The second episode of Christine Brown and David Woolly’s wedding special will air on January 14, 2024. If you are looking for more Sister Wives news, come back to Entertainment Chronicle for all your updates.

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