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Did Christine Brown Do Anything For Gwendlyn’s Birthday?

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Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown recently celebrated her birthday. Christine likes to gather her family to celebrate such occasions. Though it seems things are a little different this time. The 22-year-old daughter missed her mother’s wedding on October 7, causing rumors about a possible feud between the two. Sister, Mykelti even added fuel to the flame after claiming that she was shocked and thought it was “tragic” for her to miss the nuptials. But Gwendlyn has her own reasons for her absence. Keep reading to see what happened to her birthday.

Sister Wives: Did Christine Brown Do Anything For Gwendlyn’s Birthday?

Christine has been active on social media. However, she hasn’t posted anything for Gwendlyn’s birthday, which is an unusual thing for some. Instead, she posted promotional clips about the pink drink company. The birthday celebrant didn’t share anything from her big day as well. The Sister Wives star took to Instagram recently to upload photos from her Halloween preparations with Beatriz Queiroz.

Christine Gwendlyn Instagram
Photo Credit: @gwendlynbrown Instagram

Gwendlyn Explains Her Absence At The Wedding

Some Sister Wives fans have been speculating a possible tension between Gwendlyn and Christine. But some fans from Reddit recently shared the daughter’s explanation on her Patreon. According to the Sister Wives star, she missed her mother’s wedding due to the new housing situation and her busy life in college. She also added that it wasn’t a last-minute decision, and Christine was informed in advance. Furthermore, she made it clear that there’s no drama in their family. Meanwhile, some Reddit users pointed out Mykelti’s controversial claims towards her sister, which may have painted her badly to people.

Christine Brown Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram
  • “Honestly I blame Mykelti for this. She posted something that ended up being a lie to cause drama,” one person said.
  • “Yes, Mykelti should have kept her mouth shut. I guess she likes the drama she stirs up,” another commenter added.

But there are still others who pointed out that Gwendlyn Brown could’ve still made some time for her mother’s nuptials, considering that it was already planned for months. “No matter what anyone says, you can take a few hours out from studying to attend your Mom’s wedding. It’s a bogus excuse and I don’t care who comes at me for saying this!” another user said.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown’s Sweet Birthday Post For Gwendlyn

Ysabel is the only sibling of Gwendly to wish her a happy birthday online. The Sister Wives star shared adorable throwback pictures when they were still little. She also admits to being a day late for the greetings. But her older sister still appreciated it and even reshared the post.

Ysabel Gwendlyn Instagram
Photo Credit: @ysabelpaigebrown / @gwendlynbrown Instagram

Gwendlyn and Ysabel have been some of the closest among the Brown siblings. In September, they shared big hugs as they spent time with their other siblings, including David’s daughters.

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