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‘Sister Wives’: Why Gwendlyn Unfollowed Christine On Social Media?

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Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown has been receiving a lot of support from fans over the past few months. Apparently, fans are impressed by Gwendlyn’s bravery to expose Kody Brown and talk about his wrongdoings on her YouTube channel and Patreon. She’s been trying to expose Kody’s unfair relationship with Robyn Brown as well. However, Gwendlyn caught the attention of many after some fans noticed that she unfollowed her mother, Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: Why Gwendlyn Brown Unfollowed Christine Brown On Social Media?

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on Gwendlyn Brown unfollowing Christine Brown on social media. The reason behind Gwendlyn’s decision remains a mystery. However, fans think there might be a disagreement between the two. Apparently, Gwendlyn previously revealed that someone from the family is trying to stop her from making controversial content online. Some fans think it’s her mother, Christine, who wants nothing but peace and happiness for her own family. However, it didn’t stop Gwendlyn, and some believe that it sparked a feud between the two.

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Fans Think It Has Something To Do With Paedon

Aside from the possible disagreement with Gwendlyn Brown’s contents, Sister Wives fans also think that Christine Brown has also broken the heart of her daughter due to Paedon Brown. According to some, it’s possible that Christine wasn’t able to learn Gwendlyn’s side amid her feud with Paedon. Some also said that Christine’s treating Paedon much better may have hurt Gwendlyn. “Sometimes it can be the non-offending parent that can hurt more. For someone to not hear your pain, dismiss it, or protect the abuser can be brutal,” another person added.

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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Remains Silent About Possible Feud With Daughter

At this point, Sister Wives star Christine Brown has yet to share her thoughts regarding her rumored feud with Gwendlyn Brown. Some fans also find it hard to believe that the two are not on good terms. Christine even attended Gwendlyn’s engagement party and they all looked so happy. Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Gwendlyn will soon open up about why she doesn’t follow her mother online.

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On the other hand, Christine has been busy with her new lover, David Woolley. She has also revealed that David has been building good relationships with her kids, especially Truely Brown. What do you think happened between mother and daughter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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