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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Rip Kody For Trying To Twist Christine’s Man

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Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown are getting called out for their questionable statements in the latest Tell-All. The 54-year-old husband talked about Christine and David in his one-on-one session with the spinoff’s host, Suki. However, some fans on Reddit weren’t expecting his attempt to twist his ex-wife’s partner. The latest Tell-All episode also caught Robyn in a corner as she seemingly lied about her personality test. Keep reading to see why many are upset about the patriarch and his wife.

Sister Wives: Tell-All Part 3 Puts Robyn Brown In Question

Some Redditors are calling out Robyn for her claims in the latest episode of Tell-All. According to some, the fourth wife lied after claiming that she never took a personality test. However, the Sister Wives fans recalled an episode where they all took the test together, including Kody. Robyn even claimed that Christine took the test for her, making her lie much worse. “The funniest thing about the tell-all series is to see everyone describing a situation and then Robyn having a completely different story. Every time.,” another person added.

Sister Wives Robyn Reddit
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Fans Callout Kody For Trying To Twist David

Aside from Robyn, many Redditors from a different thread are also calling out Kody for the words he chose for Christine and David. “Christine has to destroy my character, Or David doesn’t feel like he can marry her because she left a good man,” the Sister Wives star said. But it seems many are not impressed by his claims.

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  • “Um have you even met David and how would you know how he feels? Is it even gaslighting at this point? Or him and Robin just live in complete delusion and made up narrative land,” one person said.
  • “He needs to tell himself that he’s a “good man” in order to place the blame for the breakdown of his marriage to Christine on her instead of where it truly belongs – solely on his own shoulders,” another commenter added.
Meanwhile, some noticed that Kody Brown is looking a lot more upset at Christine in the Tell-All amid his claims of never loving her in the first place, creating speculation that he’s actually jealous. “For someone who never loved Christine, he seems awfully upset now that she’s gone and real sore now that she’s marrying somebody else,” another Redditor said.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Slammed For Being A Narcissistic

Some Reddit users also added that Kody has shown the best example of his narcissism. According to some, the Sister Wives star has never said a word that doesn’t include saving his image and blaming others. He never owned any of his mistakes, and many are not happy about it.

Kody YouTube
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  • “This was the most narcissistic.. delusional statement I have ever heard anyone make on TLC and that bar is low .. very low .. but Kody went lower,” one Redditor said.
  • “This is standard for narcissists trying to change the narrative. He can’t control what Christine says about him, so the next step is to try and control how others receive that information,” another person chimed in.

The fourth episode of Tell-All will premiere on Sunday, December 17, 2023, on TLC. If you are looking for more Sister Wives news, come back to Entertainment Chronicle for all your updates.

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