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Angela Deem Reunites With One Of The Franchise’s Biggest Villains

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90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is one of the most controversial stars in the franchise. She had already fought multiple co-stars and even had physical fights behind cameras. Recently, the TLC star shared a photo with another cast member who’s also deemed one of the show’s biggest villains. Keep reading to see Angela’s surprising posts.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Continues To Get Into Controversies

Angela and Michael have been trying to make their marriage work in 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort. However, the Georgia native kept getting involved in controversies behind cameras, which may also cause problems with her husband. Recently, the reality TV personality shared a screenshot from a video call with her doctor, whose name is also Michael.

Angela Michael Instagram
Photo Credit: @deemangela Instagram

But what caught the attention of many is how the doctor is sending kisses her kisses. She even kissed back with an emoticon, and fans are upset about her behavior amid her struggling marriage with Ilesanmi. But after receiving criticism, Deem later uploaded a photo with her husband, creating speculations as to whether they’re already together in the U.S. or not.

Angela Shares A Picture With Lisa

Angela also took to social media recently to share a photo with her co-star, Lisa Hamme. The two didn’t share much about their sudden reunion. Though it’s clear that they were having fun. A fan page reuploaded the photo and let people share their thoughts. Some said they were a “frightening duo” while others referred to them as the “problem.”

90 Day Fiance Angela Deem Lisa Hamme Instagram
Photo Credit: @deemangela Instagram
  • “The 2 worst 90 Days Fiances ever!!!! Both are nightmares,” another person added.
  • “Ugh, the worst combo of cast mates to have together in any setting,” another commenter said.
  • “That’s a lot of hot mess in one picture,” one person commented.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem & Lisa Hamme’s Reputation In The Franchise

Despite their negative reputation, Angela and Lisa still become two of the most iconic stars in the show. Many believe that they brought life to the franchise due to the drama they created. Both of them dated younger Nigerian men that they met online. Unfortunately, Lisa and Usman didn’t last long in their relationship. TLC reportedly fired Hamme after reports surfaced that she used racial slurs against her ex.

Angela Lisa Instagram
Photo Credit: @deemangela / @lisa_hamme_ Instagram

Meanwhile, Angela Deem also got into trouble with Usman. In one of their confrontations, she accused the Nigerian native of being a scammer. But the 35-year-old man fought back and accused her of using Michael’s money to build a house for herself.

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