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‘Counting On’: How Are John-David & Abbie Duggar Today?

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Counting On alums John-David and Abbie Duggar don’t share a lot of updates about their lives on social media. However, they’re still active and often attend family gatherings. The married couple welcomed their second child in October 2022. A lot has happened to them and to the supersized family since then. Keep reading to see what they’re up to today.

Counting On: John-David & Abbie Duggar Living Happily As Parents

John-David and Abbie are focusing more on the positive amid all the controversies revolving around the Duggar family. They don’t share a lot of photos of their kids. Though it’s clear that they spend much of their time parenting. During last year’s Christmas, the Counting On alums shared a heartwarming photo of their family. It’s unclear if they’re planning to grow their family even bigger. But their recent appearances show that they’re presently not expecting a baby.

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John-David & Abbie’s Latest Sightings

John-David and Abbie last posted on October 5. They shared stunning photos from their sweet time at the beach. A lot of fans also commended the 31-year-old’s hairstyle, which led her to post some throwback photos about how her hair has evolved throughout the years.

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Photo Credit: @johnandabbie Instagram

Aside from their beach day, the former Counting On stars are often spotted at family get-togethers. In July, Abbie and John-David Duggar were seen during Jinger’s visit to Arkansas, showing that they’re still in touch with everyone despite keeping a low profile. But appears that the married couple is stepping away from some of the Duggar family’s beliefs, especially when it comes to dress codes. In August, the two shared photos with their kids in a hot air balloon festival with Abbie wearing shorts.

Counting On: What Are John-David & Abbie Duggar Up To Today?

John-David has several sources of income. He presently owns a towing service. It was also reported that the Counting On alum is a constable. But he got into some controversy after carrying a badge and a gun while providing help as a Medic Corps in the Bahamas. His TLC bio also states that he once worked as a firefighter and a police volunteer. He’s also a Commercial Pilot and a Certified Flight Instructor. Though it’s been reported that his pilot license expired two years after his plane crashed with his wife and daughter on board. It’s unclear if he has any plans to renew it. But some believe that the accident may have left a big mark on him and his wife, causing them to never fly again.

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Photo Credit: @johnandabbie Instagram

Meanwhile, Abbie earned her CNA in October 2014 and started working in a nursing home located in Oklahoma. She also received her LPN in 2017. According to her, becoming a nurse wasn’t on her mind when she was younger. However, she was inspired to become one after interacting with nurses when her grandparents got terminally sick.

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