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‘Counting On’: John & Abbie Duggar Slammed For Traveling

Counting On stars John Duggar and Abbie Duggar have been enjoying every moment with their daughter Gracie. They previously celebrated their daughter’s 1st birthday. However, fans didn’t like what they did just a few weeks after Gracie’s birthday. John and Abbie traveled to Florida with Gracie amid the raging pandemic. Apparently, The Duggars are notorious for disregarding the Covid-19 healthy and safety protocols. The family was slammed after having a huge New Year’s Eve party in their house with a lot of unmasked guests. Now, John and Abbie are back at it again after sharing a picture of Gracie while wandering around Florida.

Counting On: John & Abbie Duggar Slammed For Traveling To Florida With Gracie

In a social media post, Counting On star Abbie Duggar shared a picture of her daughter Gracie with a big smile on her face. According to her, “This is how much we enjoyed our trip to Florida!”

Apparently, Florida has recorded 1.68 million Covid-19 cases. They also recorded their 4th straight day of new cases under 10,000, making it a very dangerous place. Due to this, fans slammed John and Abbie for their irresponsible actions. One fan said, “Travelling during COVID is just one thing I will never understand.” Another fan also pointed out another parenting issue and said, “So irresponsible! and the necklace is so dangerous!!”

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Meanwhile, some fans remembered that Abbie worked as a nurse. She was a licensed practical nurse in Oklahoma before she married John in November 2018. Due to this, fans said that Abbie should take Covid-19 seriously due to her knowledge and profession.

The Duggar’s New Year’s Eve Party

The Duggars were slammed after having a huge New Year’s Eve party. Apparently, one of the guests shared a clip of them celebrating inside the house of Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar with not a mask in sight. The Duggars received comments like, “Where is the social distancing” and “Wow I cannot believe not a mask in sight.” The Duggars remained silent about the issue. None of them even shared their New Year’s Eve celebration on social media.

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Counting On: The Duggars Went To California With No Masks

Aside from their New Year’s Eve party, the Duggars were also criticized after traveling to California with no masks. Counting On star Jinger Duggar shared several pictures of their California vacation back in June 2020. She captioned her post with, “As the new year is almost upon us I thought I’d share some highlights from 2020.” However, instead of receiving positive comments, the Duggars were slammed for being irresponsible. The family received sarcastic comments like, “No masks or social distancing. Great job guys!” and “Pandemic? What pandemic? There’s no pandemic here!”

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