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Cash App Down Causes Panic On Social Media

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The popular app Cash App is down and it is causing panic on social media. So many people use this to send money back and forth to each other, but that isn’t an option today. Square app is also down causing issues for businesses that use it to run credit cards.

Cash App Gives An Update

Cash App has given an update on what is going on, but they have no idea when the app will be fixed. Just 14 minutes ago, they went to Twitter and shared saying, “Some customers may be experiencing issues sending payments, purchasing Cash Card, and accessing other features. Our team is actively working on a fix.

If you encountered an error in app, please don’t reattempt the action. We’re working to resolve everything as quickly as possible.”

So far, they haven’t updated when they think it will be fixed.

Cash App’s website also has an update, but it doesn’t give any more resolution. It says basically the same thing that Twitter says. They did reply to one user on Twitter saying that the app hasn’t been hacked, which does make some people feel better about their money on their account.

Social Media In Uproar

Users of Cash App are in an uproar about Cash App being down. Here is what some of them had to say today:

  • i realized how much i depend on y’all
  • I need money! You have ALL my Money.
  • as long as i still see my money when i log in back, we’re good.
  • hurry i gotta get a uber for work at 5am mannnn
  • You also need to answer these questions people have! Like why an old inactive card still got charged on my account for $253.47
  • y’all think i’m joking bro??? come on. it’s been hours. we have things to do. y’all owe us.

A lot of people are realizing that using Cash App as their only bank might not be the best idea. All of their money is now tied up and they can’t access it. This is keeping people from getting gas, groceries and even rides to work. Cash App could end up using a lot of users once this is fixed and they can access their money once again. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Cash App to come back up.

Are you having issues with Cash App being down? Sound off in the comments below.

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